“I owe nothing to anyone, I am French”: Omar Sy responds to criticism after his comments on Ukraine and Africa

Omar Sy surely did not think that the promotion of his new film Skirmishers, in theaters this Wednesday, January 4, would almost revolve around him. In “Daily” Tuesday, January 3, he has, as on RTL a few hours earlier, wanted to put things right after the controversy born of these remarks made in an interview published in The Parisian.

As Yann Barthès reminds us, this controversy was launched by Nathalie Loiseau, former Minister ofEmmanuel Macron after sentences ofOmar Sy on Ukraine, taken out of context. She criticized Omar Sy for saying that the French were not interested in Africa: “There are 58 French soldiers who died in the Sahel fighting against the jihadists. No, Omar Sy, the French are not ‘less affected’ by what is happening ‘in Africa’. Some gave their lives so that Malians would stop being threatened by terrorists.”

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The presenter of “Daily” recalled the statements ofOmar Sy in their entirety: “Ukraine was not a crazy revelation for me, as I have family elsewhere in Africa, I know that there have always been children at war, broken families, that does not never stopped since the Second World War. Does that mean that when it’s in Africa, you are less affected? As a child, I was traumatized by the Iran-Iraq conflict, I grew up with these horrible images, we the impression that he’s making Ukraine wait for us to realize it. Oh guys, I’ve been seeing this since we were very young, when it’s far away, we tell ourselves that over there they are savages, we don’t do that anymore.”

“Here, people who can read understand what I meant”, first said Omar Sy. Before continuing: “In fact, there is a system in place and every time I come out of my little hiding place with my little beard, people come to me for controversy, stuff, so that I can go into explanations . I do not want. What I said, I said. Understand whoever wants to and if you want to understand something else, understand something else. And to affirm: “It’s not really what I say the problem, it’s what I am.”

Source- https://www.gqmagazine.fr/pop-culture/article/je-ne-dois-rien-a-personne-je-suis-francais-omar-sy-repond-aux-critiques-apres-ses-propos-sur-l-ukraine-et-l-afrique