I-People: Which zodiac signs are considered to be particularly selfish

Updated on 06/03/2022 at 16:51

  • Some people think of themselves first.
  • Your selfishness could be related to the date of birth.
  • Those born in the following signs of the zodiac are considered to be very self-centered.

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They prefer to hear themselves talk, choose the biggest piece of cake and push their way to the supermarket checkout: certain people are downright selfish. According to astrologers, the reason for their selfish behavior lies in the stars. These zodiac signs are said to lack team spirit.

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Aries is far too ambitious to be considerate of others. Once he has set himself a goal, he will do anything to achieve it. In an emergency, he is also willing to go through the wall with his horns. The willpower and fighting spirit of the fire sign are no coincidence: its ruling planet is Mars, named after the Roman god of war.


Virgo is not as pure as it might seem at first glance. She is also ambitious and goal-oriented. So getting in the way of the earth element is not a good idea. If someone dares to do it anyway, Virgo will continue to provide convincing arguments until she has her way. She is only satisfied when everyone dances to her tune. Not innocent!

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The lion sees himself not only as the king of the beasts, but also as the navel of the world. He is so self-absorbed that he easily overlooks others and their needs. Basically, however, he has a good-natured nature, which is why you can never be angry with him for long.


Geminis are known for having two faces. On the one hand they are social beings, on the other hand they sometimes act without regard for their fellow human beings. At a party, the Gemini sometimes lets you stand for a supposedly more exciting conversation partner.

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What may seem inconsiderate is actually not meant to be malicious. The air sign is just very erratic. Tip for the Gemini: Before the next hasty action, pause for a moment and consider whether the decision is the right one – not just for you.
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