“I recognize the bravery and courage to try”: Atala Sarmiento’s message to women who lost their babies

As he hinted, the presenter of Mexican shows has suffered several abortions.

Within the framework of Mother’s Day, many celebrities from various countries flooded their social networks with beautiful messages addressed to their mothers or partners; The Mexican show host, Atala Sarmiento, was not far behind, but she dedicated some moving words to those women who have not managed to have children despite multiple attempts or who have had spontaneous abortions.

“I want to congratulate all those women who have been invisible mothers, with empty arms, like me, countless times. I recognize the bravery and courage to try EVERYTHING and as many times as necessary, regardless of the pain of loss, traveling that very long road in silence, the frustration, the constant ups and downs of mood. I praise the strength with which they have faced not only the entire process, but the ‘norms’ written by a society that pressures us and makes us invisible, ”she wrote.

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the driver of I’m Famous Get me out of here! recalled the hard experience of having lost several babies and said that she and her family have found a different way to celebrate Mother’s Day, while dedicating some heartfelt words of thanks to her children who could not be born but during the time that were in her womb were very loved.

“I thank each and every one of my children who, no matter how short their lives have been, made me feel the greatest and most unconditional love that can exist even without having seen their faces or wrapped them in my arms. I thank you that we gave each other life for a few weeks or a few months. I gave them my whole body and my love in fullness so that they would become my eternal angels, ”she expressed.

Likewise, he thanked the unconditional support he has received from his partner in all these hard processes: “He was excited and cried with me all those times, but he was my center and he always had his head on straight.”

Atala Sarmiento also recognized all those women who have had the opportunity to decide not to be mothers. “Because motherhood shouldn’t just be a matter of biology, but something that goes much further,” she concluded.