“I stole everything…”: Enola (Star Academy) left the castle with her arms full!

She was thought to be a good student and unable to cheat. In the last season of star AcademyEnola Cox has distinguished herself over the weeks by its rigor and his professionalism, impressing his teachers as well as the guest artists. The 22-year-old woman thus climbed without problem until the final of the singing competitionon November 26, won by Anisha. On the strength of this brand new notoriety, acquired through tele-hookthe apprentice artist now multiplies the appearances, like his old comrades. This Thursday, January 19, she was present at the Alpe d’Huez festival with her friend, Louis Albi, met during the adventure.

Asked about the memories of filming that the actors can sometimes keep, the latter then made an amazing confession on his sidekick. “Enola can answer that because she stole a lot of things”he denounced her at the microphone of Purepeoplearguing that he was, for his part, unable. Right in his boots, Enola neither lied nor denied the facts. “I stole everything”, she confessed. And ironically:Want inventory? The singer then clarified that her loot consists of a hair dryer, a curler, a frame and four vinyls.

Louis Albi and Enola Cox during the 26th edition of the Alpe d'Huez international festival, January 19, 2023.
© DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES / BESTIMAGELouis Albi and Enola Cox during the 26th edition of the Alpe d’Huez international festival, January 19, 2023.

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“It’s pretty representative of my personality”

“I think that’s all, but it’s already good. That’s not bad !, she amused. Finally the young artist passionate about musicals has shown herself once again faithful to his candor which captivated viewers. As soon as it leaves Dammarie-les-Lys castle – or rather we should say the place of his crime – Enola had notably been caught up in reality and his responsibilities as a young adult by discovering, on his mobile phone, the many text messages from his electricity supplier. The latter had warned her and then demanded an unpaid bill. “I think that in the first ten minutes, I didn’t open the social networks, I had to pay my bills! It’s quite representative of my personality after all!”she had commented in front of the camera.

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