“I tend to become hyper aggressive”: Louane with ADHD, she tells her difficult daily life

Suffering from ADHD (attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity), the singer Louane has again confided in this malaise that she tries to manage on a daily basis. It was with Konbini that she indulged in some confidences…

Guest on the set of It’s up to you by Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine this Tuesday, January 24, 2023, Louane confided in this disorder that has followed her since her earliest childhood.As a child, this results in excessive behavior, particularly in a setting where you need calm, a concentration that is very small and who must be hyper stimulated and who, in my time, is absolutely not” she let go to evoke this disorder called ADHD (attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity). And to add, not without emotion:I have no friends because I am, in the eyes of others, unbearable. Because I move, because during class I talk out loud as if I were all alone, because I can’t hold myself, because when I read, I lose track of what I’m doing to read while I try with all my might to“.

Today, years later, the interpreter of Day 1 assume and “it is one of [ses] greatest strengths“. It is therefore now through his successful music that the young woman evokes this weakened mental health. And it is also thanks to her relatives, very present on a daily basis, that she manages to move forward.

Louane”aggressive with peoplehis open-hearted confidences

Indeed, in a new interview given to our colleagues from Konbini, the 26-year-old artist makes new revelations. “I am ADHD (…) It’s not okay, it can be a moment of the present moment which fortunately will last a very very short time, as it can be a prolonged state from which it is difficult to get out” she begins by explaining, facing the camera. “My warning signs? In general, my weight fluctuates quickly, I do anything with food, I tend to become hyper aggressive, but for nothing, just for no reason. I become aggressive with people, whom I unfortunately like”.

Louane Emera admits putting herself, “when things are bad“, “in a bubble of complacency, sadness, ill-being” and “takes a long time to come out“.”It happened to me that I came out because I reached places too serious for my life. I’m one of those people who don’t have exceptional emotional control.“.

After many galleys, Louane is “proud to pass on the message of: ‘go see a shrink, it’s not because you’re crazy. Having some problems… it’s not serious’.“For her, everyone has a place in a shrink and especially her…”JI take care of my mental health and it’s the best thing I can do for myself and my daughter“, she insists, before continuing: “I’m very happy to be one of those people who talk about it because as a child I would have liked a singer to tell me ‘me too, I’m hyperactive'” also swings Louane, who insists”Asking for help is too cool If you are offered it, don’t refuse it. (…) There’s always a way to go see a shrink!“. Confidences without taboo and very touching…

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