“I think it was a healthy dose to put me off for as long as it takes.” At 34, Zac Efron reveals that he does not want to be a father | People | Entertainment

american actor Zack Efron announced his return to the screens of cinema with the movie “Firestarter”, where he plays for the first time a father of family. However, the protagonist of “High School Musical” admitted that from the beginning of the recordings he did not feel prepared to play this role.

In a recent interview in the program Ellen Degeneres, the superstar commented that it was a personal challenge to act as the father of a girl; Even this situation made him reflect and realize that he is not yet ready to play this role in real life.

Zac Efron confesses why he doesn’t want to be a father

According to the RPP web portal, in addition to being the first time that Zac Efron plays a father figure in his movies, the actor He confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that recording this film was not easy, because he did not have enough time to prepare.

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“As soon as I got out of the pandemic I started recording, then I had to keep a two-week quarantine and after finishing it, that same Monday, I went to shoot,” were some of the words Efron said in the interview.

He also added that “it was a very abrupt introduction to the film… where I found out that he had a daughter”, referring to the young woman actress Ryan Kiera Armstrongknown for the Serie from Netflix“Anne With an E”.

The interpreter of Troy Bolton in the film “High School Musical” Disneyalso mentioned what made him think about a possible role as a father in real life:

We had a pretty heavy father-daughter scene from the beginning and I realized that I was drastically under-prepared for this character. I didn’t know what he was doing.

Zack Efron

This is when DeGeneres asked her about the possibility of having children. To which Zac Efron responded immediately, making it very clear that he is not yet ready to face this responsibility in his life.

I think it was a good dose to dissuade me (from not being a dad) for as long as it takes. I probably have to mature a little more. I do not know. Not yet

Zack Efron

However, Efron said that he has a lot of respect for all parents and took the opportunity to send a greeting to his mother, Starla Baskettwho was with the public of the program. (AND)

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