“I think that’s the problem”: Georges Beller gives worrying news from Marion Game

The actor Georges Beller was invited on the set of Chez Jordan on C8 this Tuesday, January 24. During the interview, he notably mentioned the state of health of one of the stars of Scenes of households, Marion Game.

A worrying absence. On January 17, M6 broadcast a new premium from his cult series, Scenes of households. Entitled It gets tougher, the program was placed under the sign of the holidays. Viewers were able to find their favorite couples like Liliane and José (Valérie Karsenti and Frédéric Bouraly), Fabien and Emma (David Mora and Anne-Élisabeth Blateau), or even Léo and Leslie (Vinnie Dargaud and Claire Chust). Only Huguette (Marion Game) was absent and had left her husband Raymond (Gérard Hernandez) alone for this sunny vacation. Faced with questions from fans of the series, M6 had given the reasons for this notable absence.

Marion Game was tired when filming the prime filmed in Corsica in sometimes difficult conditions. In consultation with her and her family, it was decided that she would stay in Paris to rest. Viewers will therefore not see her in this bonus but they will continue to see Raymond and Huguette every evening in the daily newspaper Scenes of households “explained the chain to Télé-Loisirs, without going into details.

What is Marion Game suffering from?

But this Tuesday, January 24, we were able to learn a little more about the state of health of Marion Game. In effect, George Beller, who gave the reply to the 84-year-old actress in an episode of Scenes from households, was invited on the set of Chez Jordan. Faced with Jordan De Luxe, the actor indicated what ailments Marion Game would suffer from. “I know she has some little memory problems, I think that’s the problem”, he confided, specifying all the same that he was not 100% sure of his words: “I believe, I affirm nothing!”. A version which, for the time being, has not been confirmed by the actress or her relatives.

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