“I tried all the hard drugs”: Louis Bertignac very cash on his drug use

Tuesday, December 27, 2022, Louis Bertignac was invited to the podcast Addiktion. The opportunity for him to return to his drug use and the consequences on his health.

An essential figure in French rock, Louis Bertignac marked an entire generation with the group Phonein the 1980s. Now 68 years old, he is married to Laetitia Brichet and father of three children, Lola (2004) and Lili (2007) born from his relationship with Julie Delafosse and Jack (2016) with his current partner. However, before having a stable life, the guitarist experienced a troubled youthparticularly marked by drug addiction.

Guest on Tuesday, December 27 in the podcast Additionof the addictologist Laurent Karila, he explained that he had started to test your limits while he was still a high school student. “I tried a little bit of everything, all the hard drugs to start with, but like tried, just once each” he revealed before continuing: “I tried heroin, morphine and cocaine in shots. I was 17, I was in first or final, I don’t know anymore“. A consumption that was finally reduced to smoking “firecracker” sometimes.

Louis Bertignac refused to play having consumed drugs

A few years after testing several drugs, Louis Bertignac was tempted by a friend to try heroin. A drug which did not really scare him and which he then began to consume regularly in “very small quantities“. However, no question for the young rocker of take drugs while playing with the group Phone. “When I was really into heroin, I was never going to rehearse stoned, and when I went on tour, it was just the dropout” he recalled.

If the former coach of The Voice has stop consuming drugs and is now limited to smoking electronic cigarettes, it is because his health was affected.”I caught hepatitis C, I realized it thirty years later. Can’t say I’m sorry, ’cause it’s part of my life, that’s how it is” he confided in As an asidein June 2022.

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