“I want to headbutt François Alu”

Seraphine Roger


The two members of the “Dancing with the Stars” jury are struggling to agree on this year’s candidates, but in all friendship. Chris Marques prefers to laugh about it.

On October 4, Chris Marques was in the kitchen for a workshop organized by Weight Watchers. The opportunity for the dancer to discuss with Paris Match the twelfth season of “Dancing with the stars”.

The new season was launched a month ago now. How’s it going ?

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Chris Marques. Very good. We have a new jury. We have Bilal Hassani arriving and Marie-Agnès Gillot. Marie-Agnès Gillot and François Alu, it’s a bit our sizes of classical dance. I am always delighted. The Paris Opera represents excellence in dance throughout the world. The fact that I have these two people by my side is an absolute pleasure.

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And there is Bilal Hassani!

Bilal is a friend. It represents everything I love. He’s an entire artist, who really lives art all day long, he’s into it. His whole being is artistic. Her look on the show is different from the others. He has an absolute benevolence, because of what he has lived through, because he continues to live. I think we make a nice quartet.

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There are still strong disagreements with François Alu lately…

I want to headbutt him (laughs). In fact, what is very funny is that we are going to dissect the performances in a different way. We will focus on different things too because he will see a priority that is not necessarily mine. Doesn’t mean he’s wrong, doesn’t mean I’m wrong. It’s just that we see things differently.

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