“I wanted to leave this masquerade”: Guillaume Canet on the verge of giving up the cinema because of a bitter failure

Tuesday June 14, 2022, Guillaume Canet was invited to the program En aparté, on Canal +. During this interview, the actor revealed that he almost gave up the cinema following the failure of the film Blood Ties, in 2013.

His passion for horses helped him when he was at his worst… If Guillaume Canet is a key figure in French cinema, some of his failures were hard to swallow for the actor. Tuesday June 14, 2022, in the program En aparté, on Canal +, it was after having mentioned the film Blood Ties that he declared: “I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to leave this job. For a year and a half I did nothing, and I went back to competitions to live my passion of yesteryear.In full disclosure, the actor said, “It’s still fairer when you work a lot to get results. It feels good when you work on horseback, when you work, when you have results and when you win events. It’s nice, rather than making movies and having a bad time. And that for nothing, because people have decided that you had been too successful and it’s time for the bill.“Amused, Guillaume Canet slipped:”I wanted to leave this masquerade! And like a fool, I came back!

Believing that success is annoying, Marion Cotillard’s companion exclaimed: “Doing a lot of things is annoying, doing things by yourself is annoying. Me, I grew up like that. I was never given anything, I deserved everything I got because I worked hard to get it.“Not Wishing”undergoat each of the remarks, the actor said, “Afterwards, we do this job knowing that we will live with criticism, which is normal. I am willing to accept them, but when they are founded.“Referring to his fans, Guillaume Canet said:”If I didn’t have this complicity with the public, I would have been doing something else for a long time. The public is my only pressure, the rest for years, I didn’t care and I did without. After a while, it starts to tire me.

Guillaume Canet suffers from a lack of recognition

During the broadcast, the actor analyzed: “I think I have a hard time with this lack of legitimacy or recognition as an actor. But let things be very clear. I don’t want to be the unfortunate guy, for whom nothing is going, and all that. Everything is fine ! I am very happy in my life, I have a lot of joy!” To conclude, Guillaume Canet added: “We also talk about things that can bother me sometimes and that’s one of the things that can sometimes be problematic and that can simply lead me to quit one day. But it’s not big deal ! I’m not asking people to complain about me, let that be clear.