“I was a little ashamed”: Kendji Girac cash on the difficulties of which he was a victim younger

Music, concerts, family… it’s very simple, Kendji Girac don’t have a minute for him! And yet, the 25-year-old singer still finds the strength to take on new challenges. At the start of the 2022 school year, viewers will discover a new facet of his talent by witnessing his first steps as an actor. He will actually join the cast of a fiction whose main subject is illiteracy. This project, inevitably, was close to his heart.

With the desire to learn, I got out of it quite quickly

If Kendji Girac was so keen to participate in the adventure, it is because he himself was affected by the problem. “Being a child of the trip, I experienced small difficulties in reading and writinghe recalls in the columns of the magazine Gala. I was closely affected by illiteracy and I was a little ashamed of it. And then one day, I talked about it to my teams, because I didn’t want to hide anything from them. It allowed me to overcome a moment in my life that was a little embarrassing, a little delicate. With the desire to learn, I got out of it quite quickly. I want to say to those who are struck by illiteracy that you can always get out of it when you have this desire to always learn. It’s never too late. To give up is to die, to learn is to live!

Fame and success, since winning the show The Voice, have not changed Kendji Girac. With his family at heart, his head on his shoulders, he simply enjoys the joys of life… but is delighted to be able to work in this way to be able to protect his loved ones from need. Especially since, since January 2021, he is the father of a little Eva Alba. “My only objective: to leave my daughter enough to live a good lifehe recalls. Like mine. It goes through the material, yes, but also through the human and the transmission of the values ​​that I myself received from my parents. I think of my daughter, but I also work to leave what is necessary for my family, my nephews, my nieces. So that they all have a wonderful future. That they lack nothing…

Find Kendji Girac’s interview in Gala magazine, n°1517 of July 7, 2022.

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