“I was being insulted”: Internet users upset by the testimony of Nicolas Anselmo (Here it all begins) in 50mn Inside

Saturday May 7, Nicolas Anselmo was the guest of Nikos Aliagas for a long portrait in 50mn Inside. A great moment of emotion for fans of the comedianHere it all startswho confided in the bullying of other students when he was a child.

For nearly two years, Nicolas Anselmo has been lighting up the episodes ofHere it all starts on TF1. The young actor performs Eliott Prévost, non-binary and pansexual apprentice chef who had made a very noticeable arrival in the establishment: mocked by the other students, he had lowered his pants in the locker room in front of his comrades. A very first role as an actor that suits the young man perfectly: “I found the ad on Facebook. I didn’t have an agent, so I showed up there on my own. The character description said he was non-binary and pansexual. I I directly said to myself thatI had to represent this character”, he revealed to the magazine Stubborn. Since then, Eliott Prévost has evolved a lot since he is now in a relationship with Greg and is raising little Naël, which had also earned him some scares during filming with real babies.

“Thank you Madam Nature for having created Nicolas Anselmo”

This Saturday, May 7, Nicolas Anselmo had the honors of the portrait of Nikos Aliagas in 50mn Inside. The opportunity for the young actor to show how much the role of Eliott had a great meaning for him: I was being insulted in class, I heard ‘fag’ from all sides, and I showed my ass in class. Naturally enough, it didn’t bother me.” he tells the facilitator with a smile. Difficulties at school that started very early, probably too early: Since kindergarten I would say, there are little memories that remain with me, it was already a lot of rejection. The look of others, ‘pink is for girls and blue for boys’… ‘You dance, you’re a girl’. And I didn’t understand all that.” he remembered.

An open-hearted testimony that did not fail to upset Internet users. “His testimony was poignant and touching. He was so sincere and honest as well.”wrote a user on Twitter. He is very touching, endearing and of an inner beauty., we want to take it in our arms and never let go. He is very mature for his age. Standing ovation”, wrote another tweetos. “Thank you Madam Nature for having created Nicolas Anselmo”, can we also read. Love rather than hate, Nicolas Anselmo seems to have found his audience thanks to Here it all starts.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/je-me-faisais-insulter-les-internautes-bouleverses-par-le-temoignage-de-nicolas-anselmo-ici-tout-commence-dans-50mn-inside-728836