‘I was being used to feed the wolves’: Harry and Meghan accuse monarchy of lies in Netflix docu sequel

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan say they were used to ‘feed the wolves’ and blame the royal family for ‘lying to protect’ Prince William, heir to the throne, in a trailer for the final episodes of the documentary which is dedicated to them on Netflix.

In the early episodes of the docuseries “Harry & Meghan“, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex mainly focused on the harassment of the media and spoke about the “unconscious biases“of royalty in terms of racism. But the rest of the series, broadcast on Thursday, promises to be more explosive for the royal family, because the youngest son of King Charles III and his American and mixed-race wife must tell their version of their resounding departure of the monarchy in 2020.

I wasn’t just thrown to the wolves, I was used to feed the wolves“says Meghan Markle in a trailer for these episodes.”They find it normal to lie to protect my brother, but were not ready to tell the truth to protect us“, says Harry for his part about his eldest William, heir to the British crown.

The broadcast of the first episodes did not bring a shattering revelation as some feared, and as had been the case in 2021 with the couple’s interview on American television, marked by accusations of racism. With criticisms of lack of support and portraying the British monarchy and the union of Commonwealth states as outdated and imperialistic institutions, she nevertheless revived in the United Kingdom, where Harry and Meghan are very unpopular, the accusations of hypocrisy on their part, arrangements with the truth and disrespect to the institution three months after the death of Elizabeth II and the accession to the throne of Charles III.

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