‘I was more afraid of not waking up than waking up without a leg,’ reveals actor Juan Pablo Medina, from ‘La casa de las flores’, who reappears with his prosthesis | People | Entertainment

Juan Pablo Medina, the American actor of Mexican origin who has been recognized for his roles as Diego Olvera in the popular Netflix series the house of flowers (2018), as well as in mooringsthe first Mexican production for the streaming platform HBO Max, has reappeared after the amputation of his leg due to venous thrombosis.

In an exclusive interview published by the magazine GQ Mexicothe artist reveals that “he was more afraid of not waking up than waking up without a leg”, as stated on the digital platform of the print.

“The time came when I was having a really bad time, to the point of saying to the producers: ‘I need to go to the hospital,’ and I really thought that this was going to get over in a little while. (…) Being able to carry that message, that we have to work and fight to get out of the hole you’re in, ”said the artist in the interview he has with Óscar Uriel, in ‘Los Colores de Pablo Medina’.

Juan Pablo Medina and his acting career

In the audiovisual, the artist appears with the prosthesis on his right leg. The dialogue takes place throughout the process that took place before, during and after his amputation. “When I arrived, it was thought to be intoxication. It was like three or four days, and I don’t remember anything from there. They have been coming to me flashes and I have remembered things. And I wake up in the hospital bed, and I turn around and there’s wires and stuff. What happened in those days, which I don’t remember, was that I had severe abdominal pain and they decided to do a tomography, and there they saw that I had clots in the intestine. And when they saw in the whole body, they saw that in the mesenteric artery, which is an artery, and in the legs”, he details.

Medina indicates that initially the diagnosis was intoxication, and that later they confirmed that he had a silent heart attack. “I have a clot in my heart, and that caused clots to spread throughout the artery. My first reaction was anger, I was pissed off: ‘Why am I here? Why am I screwing up the production?’ And my dad told me to think about my priorities, he talked to me, and that’s when Paulina came in and let’s say she pissed me off, and he did change the chip in my head. (…) But the final message was that I was in danger, and if I didn’t have a good attitude towards this, that if she didn’t throw too many balls at her, nothing could happen; and there I began to have a different attitude towards what was coming”, he says.

Juan Pablo Medina, actor of ‘La casa de las flores’, loses a leg due to a venous thrombosis

In the interview he also explains that the specialist tried in every instance to keep him safe before deciding on the final operation. “There are different types of amputations, and the higher it becomes, the more complicated it becomes; and by then, also the pain. And you have to make decisions, and I decided to live. I was more afraid of not waking up than waking up without a leg. And, happily, I am here”, he emphasizes.

“I am very lucky, I made the decision of amputation. Two or three hours later someone came in, they all left, he introduced himself and told me that he was a psychiatrist, and he said: ‘Tell me what you feel’, since before the amputation (…). I was very motivated, I lost a lot of weight, not sleeping made me very thin, and there was a time when I had to eat again, because otherwise I was going to get sick, ”he says.

The interpreter also asserts that mental health care is important. “It is necessary to talk to specialists; it is necessary to understand what is happening to you, what is going to happen, what is the loss. It is very complex, but fortunately I had and have that help. (…) The truth is that I never took therapies, and now I am not going to leave therapy for nothing”, he affirms about his medical sessions.

Medina, with a more positive state of mind, also assures that the prosthesis he uses is one of the most modern that exists, and he was even able to go play tennis (he says between laughs). “You can do everything. And it’s kind of hard to explain. And I will be able to have a normal life. And that’s it,” she says.

The actor says that one of his greatest dreams is to work, but when his body allows it. “Something that has helped me a lot is how I want to be seen. But I want to be at the moment my head and body tell me I’m ready. I want to master prosthetics, it takes a long time, but I want to be able to perform again. I am very grateful to everyone around me, ”he admits. (I)