“I was never in love.” New breakup details revealed

Since the break between Isabel Preysler and the writer Mario Vargas Llosa became known, on December 28, after eight years of dating, new details have gradually come to light about the relationship between the Filipino socialite and the Nobel Prize winner. Peruvian literature. Both have dedicated themselves to taking off their clothes in the sun.

This Sunday, the journalist Pilar Vidal in abc of Spain assured that Preysler and Vargas Llosa were about to break up two years agoin the midst of the author’s supposed wedding plans with the Filipina: “We are very well as we are, why are we going to spoil it,” she said whenever the press asked her about her commitment to the writer.

Vidal —also a journalist for the show business television show Save me— assures that the real reason the couple wanted to end the relationship was monotony, as Shakira sings, but that Preysler was reluctant to leave him “because of his advanced age” and because he feared that the 86-year-old writer’s family circle would not take good enough care of him.

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa ended their relationship
Various media in Spain assure that the Nobel Prize was with the socialite precisely because of his fortune (Photo By Jose Oliva/Europa Press via Getty Images) – Photo: Europa Press via Getty Images

It has also come to light that the writer only saw in Preysler “economic insurance.”

Famous for his stinginess, for several years the Peruvian lived with her in a luxury villa in the Madrid urbanization Puerta de Hierro, without paying a single peso. The Spanish press assures that it was also Preysler who paid for the trips, dinners and other activities they shared as a couple. A situation that would also have gradually made the socialite fall out of love.

Hence, long before their breakup, rumors suggested that the Nobel Prize winner was with the socialite precisely because of his fortune, the product of two divorces with his millionaire ex-husbands: Miguel Boyer Salvador and Carlos Falcó.

A gesture that has been classified as in bad taste, since the writer receives large sums for his intellectual work. The Peruvian, whose fortune is estimated at more than 10 million euros, receives about 200,000 euros a year for his work in the newspaper where he writes and receives more resources on account of the conferences and literature talks that he does all over the world.

Elizabeth Preysler House
Isabel Preysler lives in a luxury chalet in the Puerta de Hierro sector in Madrid. – Photo: Instagram @tamara_falco

In addition, he has a contract with the publishing house that publishes it, Alfaguara, which guarantees him a million and a half euros in advance before his books come out.whether they are successes or not, due to their Nobel prize status.

And here another rather revealing detail comes into play: During the eight years that Vargas Llosa was in a relationship with Preysler, he published two books —five corners Y tough times—, which were not successful in sales. According to the magazine ¡Hola !, Vargas Llosa then used Preysler to attract more press and impact on his literary releases, given the attraction that the Filipina generates in the press.

“I could never be happy again”

And if Shakira throws darts at her ex Gerard Piqué through songs, Vargas Llosa throws them at Preysler through what he does best: literature.

A story published in the literary magazine Letras Libres, when they both lived together in the Filipina’s large house in Puerta de Hierro, would already narrate the intimate disappointment of Mario Vargas Llosa with Isabel Preysler.

The story is called The winds and saw the light in 2021. And in this story it is not difficult to find clues to the writer’s relationship with Preysler. In fact, it stars an older man embittered by the present and for having left a youthful love, Carmencita (who would be Patricia Llosa, who married the writer when she was barely 18 years old), due to a “violent and fleeting” sexual outburst. ” of whom he has even forgotten the name (Isabel Preysler?).

Mario Vargas Llosa and Patricia Llosa: The Nobel Prize winner for Literature admitted, in 2016, after several weeks of rumors, that he had separated from his second wife, Patricia Llosa, to whom he had been married since 1965.

“From Carmencita, my wife for many years, I remember very well (…). Every night, it seems incredible, since I committed the madness of abandoning her, I think of her and remorse assails me. I think there was only one thing I did wrong in life: abandoning Carmencita for a woman who wasn’t worth it. She never forgave me, of course, I was never able to make friends with her, and, to top it off, Carmencita married Roberto Sanabria, my best friend until then.”

In another section of the text, he ensures that He left his wife for another “who was not worth it.” And he also recounted that every night he thinks of her and silently asks for her forgiveness. Mario Vargas Llosa’s story goes on and declares that this was just a “violent and temporary infatuation”, that with this relationship “I was never able to be happy again” and that “I was never in love”.

The most curious thing about the matter is that the story, according to the author, would have been incomplete, so he had to publish an unexpected ending, which came to light a few days ago in the literary supplement April and in the newspapers of Grupo Prensa Ibérica.

Isabel Preysler, Mario Vargas Llosa and Tamara Falcó
Isabel Preysler, Mario Vargas Llosa and Támara Falcó, one of the Filipina’s daughters. – Photo: Instagram @tamara_falco

In it some reflections of the protagonist can be seen which, once again, have been interpreted as humiliation towards the Preysler family. Specifically towards Isabel and her daughter, Tamara Falcó, whom he portrays as frivolous and obsessed with aesthetics. “Our body is sacred and we must take care of it. But for them, in truth, what is sacred is perfume shops and pharmacies. They asked me if I hadn’t put something on for the sun and since I told them no, I never used sunscreen, and they were shocked. They confessed to me that all the money they earn from temporary jobs and the pensions they received for the mere fact of existing, they invested in buying pills, lotions, tonics, everything that prevents the deterioration of the skin, eyes, teeth ”, recounts Llosa in this complete version of the story.

And he dares to say more: that his was “a crush on the pichula” (a way of saying penis for the Spanish), although afterward he didn’t even enjoy sex.