“I was raped”: Pierre-Jean Chalençon makes terrible revelations!

By Grandma Yves Ratsimbazafy

– Modified 15 Nov 2022 at 12:17

Pierre-Jean Chalençon recently returned to the rape he allegedly suffered when he was still only a child. Revelations made on the occasion of the release of a video by Jeremy Bellet on harassment.

A publication by Pierre-Jean Chalençon made on Twitter caught the attention of Internet users. The former host of Concluded Affair reveals indeed to have been the victim of touching when he was a child. Revelations that fall precisely within the framework of the release of a video on harassment produced by Jeremy Bellet. It is therefore without language of wood that the one who has now turned his back on France 2 expresses himself: “ Yes, I was raped! Word rape, do you understand? Overwhelmed to see that some ask me why I speak of this drama today! At the time, I could have screwed myself up. I wish I had Jeremy Bellet backing me up back then. Stop the harassment! “. After having buried this event for several years, the host thus removes a certain weight that he had on his heart. This kind of experience most certainly had a huge psychological impact in its own construction.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon more committed than ever

Pierre-Jean Chalençon has repeatedly shown his commitment to the fight against harassment since this rape came to light. His goal through Jeremy Bellet’s video is to allow other victims like him to express themselves about what they have experienced. This, in order to put words on a taboo that affects more people than we think. According to France 3 Regions: “ Both the clip and the song will tell a story. That of a young man arriving from the Marseille suburbs in an establishment in a small regional town where he will be the target of discrimination and harassment “.

This famous sequence should have the desired impact given all the celebrities who take part in it. We can thus see Fabienne Thiebault accompanied by several personalities known to the general public to commit to the good cause. Children as adults, no age group is set aside. Pierre-Jean Chalencon is one of the first to have accepted and he shows once again through his testimony how invested he is when it comes to combating harassment. This did not fail to make Internet users react: “ So many memories that resurface. You are brave to say it, to face any reaction, some of which was virulent. For me, it was not less hard, but rather trying. Broken legs and all that goes with it from school bullying “.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/287450-jai-ete-viole-pierre-jean-chalencon-fait-de-terribles-revelations