“I was rejected from The Academy for being blind”; young singer denounces on tik tok

Jesús Monroy, a tik toker and singer who has 43,000 followers on the platform, denounced that he was allegedly discriminated against by La Academia, which begins this weekend.

Monroy, who plays the guitar and often shares videos of his performances on tik tok, posted a video in which he recounted his experience casting the reality show.

“I do not want to make a controversy, but yes, I passed all the filters to reach the national casting of The Academy and I did not pass,” he begins to tell in the video.

The current version of this program will be hosted by Yahir and is intended as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first generation, for which a weekly Saturday concert has been added in which contestants from previous generations will participate.

Monroy, in his narration, assures that the teacher who cast him told him that the impediment to entering the Academy was his blindness.

“I didn’t pass, not because I sang horrible, it was simply because I’m blind, and the thing is that the teacher was very blunt, the teacher was cool, but very blunt; he told me: ‘well, we don’t know because the house is a very big place and We don’t know if you can adapt, but we’ll see what happens.

Jesús Monroy says that he understands Lolita Cortés’ annoyance, referring to the statements made by the iron judge in the sense that the casting was not as rigorous as it could have been, since in this 20th anniversary generation there are participants such as Rubí, whose fame comes from a viral video.

“They let a lot of talent go, not because I consider myself very talented, if I wanted to enter The Academy it was precisely to learn more,” says Jesús Monroy.

The tik toker made another video in which he recalled that in La Academia there was, in fact, a blind participant, Édgar. “And I told the teacher, but he replied that he didn’t remember him because he hadn’t played that generation and that he remembered Michelangelo.”

Michelangelo was part of the first generation that was visually impaired but not blind.