“I was the brunette, the ugliest sister”: The harsh confessions of supermodel Bella Hadid pretending to be happy while suffering from depression and anxiety about her appearance | People | Entertainment

Bella Hadidsister of the also famous model Gigi Hadidwas fully honest in an interview for the April issue of the magazine fashionin which he discussed his physical touch-ups and insecurities.

In your official account Instagramwhere she has more than 50 million followers, the supermodel shared the photo that was chosen as the cover for the magazine.

On the interview titled “Bella Hadid, a supermodel speaks from the heart”, the 25-year-old thanked her team, family, and described: “No words seem to define what this means to me.”

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Bella Hadid before surgery

The middle of shows pop craveon Twitter, shared a comparative image of Bella’s face changing over the years, in addition to the link to the Vogue interview.

For the famous magazine, Bella finally accepted having undergone rhinoplasty at the age of 14, but she claims to feel regret, because she changed the appearance of her ancestors’ nose.

Both Bella and Gigi are daughters of the also model Yolanda Hadidknown for starring in the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, and Mohammed Hadida real estate broker of Palestinian origin, from whom Bella got her strong features, which have changed over the years.

Regarding whether more operations have been done, the model completely denied it, saying that “people always have something to say.”

As reported by CNN En Español, the new face of Vogue also talked about how difficult it was to deal with the pressure of being Gigi’s sister since, in her own words, she was “the ugly sister.”

I was the one with brown hair. She wasn’t as cool as Gigi, she wasn’t as outgoing.

So confessed the ex-girlfriend of The Weekend, who lived through some difficult years of comparisons and lack of acceptance. For a long time, she hid states of depression, anxiety and eating problems, pretending to feel good and happy.

Through the years, I became a good actress. I put a smile on my face. I always felt like I had something to prove. People can say anything about how I look, but in seven years I have never missed work, canceled a job, or been late. […]. Nobody can say that I don’t try

Despite all her internal struggles, she managed to position herself as one of the most acclaimed models in the fashion world today. (AND)

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