“I was very scared”: Anne Sila makes new revelations about Florent Pagny’s cancer

It’s a long and trying fight that leads Florent Pagny since the beginning of the year 2022. At 60, the singer was diagnosed inoperable lung cancer. It is therefore through chemotherapy sessions that he tries to get rid of the disease. Always very positive, Florent Pagny also manages to keep his spirits up thanks to his solid entourage. Anne Silawith whom he has established a beautiful relationship of friendship since their meeting in The Voice in 2015, is one of those who bring him strength. However, initially, the young singer who is currently on tour for her new album found herself completely distraught by the news.

I was at Les Enfoirés and I didn’t know. No one told me, because they all thought I knew. It shocked me and I was very scared, I admit. I didn’t dare call him at first, it had so devastated me…“, she revealed during a new interview for the magazine Variation. But, eager to accompany him during this difficult moment, Anne Sila finally undertook to contact him. As she might have expected, the artist immediately made her understand that everything would be fine: “Necessarily, I overcame my fears and took my courage in both hands to pick up that damn phone. And once more, it was Florent and his strength of character that reassured me. He’s amazing and I love him so much..”

Anne Sila has since been hopeful of seeing her mentor pick up where he left off. “I am certain that he will pass this test with strength and dignity. He is really a caring person and fortunately, he is very well surrounded. He will quickly recover and tear everything up on his tour! Florent has more than one trick up his sleeve“, she is convinced.

The winner of The Voice All Stars (2021) seems to have been right about his recovery since the latest news is very encouraging. Indeed, Florent Pagny himself revealed that his tumor had shrunk considerably. Sufficiently fit, he will also be able to attend live broadcasts of The Voice as a coach, the first of which is expected this Saturday May 14, 2022 on TF1.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/-j-ai-eu-tres-peur-anne-sila-fait-de-nouvelles-revelations-sur-le-cancer-de-florent-pagny_a490261/1