“I went to see him…”: Rachida Dati reassembled against Nicolas Sarkozy, she reveals a muscular exchange!

Rachida Dati lost a battle against Anne Hidalgo in the municipal elections of Paris in 2020 and she does not intend to stop there. The former Keeper of the Seals already seems to be the natural candidate of the right for the next elections, which will take place in three years. “Rachida Dati in Paris, it’s an idea of ​​Nicolas Sarkozysay our colleagues from Point in an article published on December 8. Technical adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Minister of the Interior, then spokesperson for his campaign for the 2007 presidential election and propelled Minister of Justice after his election, the course of the politician is inseparable from that of the former mayor from Neuilly-sur-Seine. Seasoned since her two decades in politics, the Republican now dares to stand up to her former mentor.

Proof of this is this muscular exchange, reported by the weekly. Rachida Dati finding Nicolas Sarkozy much too tender with Emmanuel Macronshe recently criticized him for never speaking out about the current government. “I went to see him recently in his offices, rue de Miromesnil, for a frank discussion on this topic, she revealed to our colleagues. I was annoyed. I told him that by force not to criticize the government he was spoiling himself.” Courage is needed to tell the truth to the former president. I was scared, he was so good at fighting. He explained to me that, as a former president, he did not see himself speaking every other morning to criticize a bill and that it was up to me to do this job“, continued the former Member of the European Parliament.

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Rachida Dati defends Nicolas Sarkozy in the media

Disagreements can taint their friendship, but Rachida Dati will always defend the one she continues to address as you. Guest of Elizabeth Martichoux on LCI, June 23, 2022, Zohra’s mother indeed had defended the former leader of the Republicans when asked if Nicolas Sarkozy was considered a “finished” by some of his peers. “He is a great figure in French politics, he was a great president, I tell you!she replied. So if we could stop instrumentalizing it That would be good”. The journalist pointing out to him that he is no longer active on the political scene, the ex-minister was indignant: “Not for us, not for the French!” Before calling back: “All the failures of the right that we have experienced since 2012 or other, is he responsible? No ! That is what is said.

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