“I will try not to cry”: François-Xavier Ménage very moved by evoking the war in Ukraine in Daily

Monday March 21, 2022, François-Xavier Ménage confided, in duplex in the Daily program, on the difficulty of being a reporter in Ukraine. Father of two children, the journalist did not hide his great emotion at the terrible fate of Ukrainian children.

Many French journalists have traveled to Ukraine in order to be able to report on the events taking place there since the beginning of the war initiated by the Russian army on February 24, on the orders of Vladimir Putin. Like Anne-Sophie Lapix, or even Maryse Burgot – who returned to France as a security measure – François-Xavier Ménage is present in kyiv for the TF1 channel. The one who hosted several news programs on M6, or even LCI, joined Ukraine as a reporter. Monday, March 21, 2022, he did a duplex debrief on the set of the show Day-to-day. Faced with questions from Yann Barthès, the journalist managed to keep his professional tone while describing an alarming and heartbreaking situation.

François-Xavier Ménage faced with the horror of war

When the TV host finally asked her what the “harder to cover” for him, François-Xavier Ménage could not contain his emotion. “I will speak personally. I’m going to take off my journalist cap. I have two daughters and it’s true that when we were 200 kilometers from Mariupol, we saw in a hospital children who were between life and death who were between 3 and…“, he began, before holding back a sob. “I will try not to cry“, he then warned.

The journalist finally managed to keep cold blood tht to repeat his sentence: “Between 3 and 14 years old, who were seriously injured, who were cared for by doctors who tell us that they need intense surgical treatment.“He remembered in particular a little boy who had been seriously hit by an impact, and whose hand had been “hung on the bars of the bed“so he can’t touch his wound.”If we had tied his hand, it was so that he wouldn’t scratch himself. His head was largely impacted by shrapnel. He was between life and death“. On March 15, the UN announced that it had counted 636 dead including 46 children in Ukraine.

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