‘I won’t let him play Kurt’: Courtney Love accuses Brad Pitt of ousting her from famous movie

At the microphone of Marc Maron this Monday, Courtney Love assured to have been chosen to play Marla Singer in fight club. Yet it was Helena Bonham Carter that moviegoers saw opposite Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in the 1999 thriller. Seven who pulled the strings to get her removed from the project.

The reason? A whim, a revenge from the star who was refused a role. Courtney Love says that the actor, accompanied by director Gus Van Sant, came to see her to propose a film project based on the life of Kurt Cobain. The one who had just tragically lost her husband in 1994 became mad with rage when she heard the biopic proposal: “I wouldn’t let Brad play Kurt” she said, refusing the project.

Never mind, Courtney Love is counting on her lover at the time to reintegrate her into the cast, the other headliner, Edward Norton. The interpreter ofAmerican History X would have replied that he “didn’t have that power“.

“You can’t get fired from a job you don’t have”

If the representatives of Brad Pitt did not wish to comment on these accusations, a source close to the film defended the actor. The source told the magazine Deadline: “Almost 25 years ago, Courtney Love auditioned for a role in Fight Club, a role she was never offered. You can’t get fired from a job you don’t have. It is well known that the choice of roles is decided by the director and not by the actors.“.

Kurt told by Brad? Never

During the interview, Courtney Love claims to have done a Zoom with Brad Pitt in 2020 because he wanted to produce a film on Kurt Cobain this time. She would have replied that she did not trust him and would have added: “If you don’t understand me, you won’t understand Kurt, and I don’t think you understand me Brad.“.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-je-ne-le-laisserai-pas-jouer-kurt-courtney-love-accuse-brad-pitt-de-l-avoir-evincee-d-un-celebre-film-1424190.aspx