“I would like to be happy”: Paul El Kharrat (Les 12 Coups de Midi) confides in his last romantic relationship

In an interview unveiled Friday, December 30 by France Sunday, Paul El Kharrat confided as rarely on his sentimental life. During this interview, the champion of 12 strokes of noon explained in particular that he fell in love “recently”.

His knowledge and engaging personality have made him one of the most iconic winners of Twelve strokes of noon. After his time on the show, Paul El Kharrat became a real star of the small screen. In September, he joined the team Big heads by Laurent Ruquier. Friday, December 30, the young man of 23 years with autism spectrum disorder confided in an interview with France Sunday. During this interview, he notably returned on his tormented spirit which poisons his daily life : “I see, consider and hold back far too many things that shouldn’t be and hurt me so much. Existential considerations that I make to myself each time something negative is brought to my attention, that I don’t like or that prevents me from moving forward and being happy”he explained.

Paul El Kharrat looks back on his recent love at first sight

During this interview, Paul El Kharrat also poured out his love life. Not long ago, the champion of Twelve strokes of noon thought he had fallen in love. “I was constantly thinking about her, constantly wanting to be with her, talk to her, share things… And at the same time, when it ended, it happened to me very quickly. So I wonder if it was really lovehe explained. “I would like to be happy and, at the same time, I fear that it will harm me. I am afraid of abusing this feeling to excess… at the risk that the descent will be catastrophic and cause too much suffering”, he continued. At 23, Paul El Kharrat is nevertheless determined to find love and is even considering the possibility of starting a family. “Being in love and living with someone is something I really want. Will this happen to me? I hope […] I would love to see what it feels like to become a father. Afterwards, I hope it will be great, because it’s for life”, he added. Touching confessions.

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