‘I would like to have my dad and my brother back’

The interview that Prince Harry has given to Anderson Cooper on the occasion of the launch of his book, Spare, has not yet been published and his words have already resonated. Although the Prince has not hesitated to comment that there has been no approach on the part of his family to give rise to a reconciliation, in a constant ambivalence, in a talk he has had with British television, Harry assures that he would like have his dad and brother back. In addition, the Prince has given his firm response when asked about the possibility of resuming his position as a senior member of the British Royal Family -since he left amid great controversy in March 2020-. If these words that have been made known have caused waves, we only await what will happen next week, when not only the interview with Cooper and the one he has given for the British network ITV with Tom Bradby will be distributed, but also It will be on January 10 when the long-awaited book is published, which promises to be quite an impact for the Palace.



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Harry and Meghan make it clear that privacy had nothing to do with their departure

“I wish I had my father back, I wish I had my brother back,” Harry is heard saying at the end of the explosive trailer announcing the interview with Bradby, which will be released this Sunday at 9 pm London (3 pm from Mexico) and that will surely give a lot to talk about. Among other comments that were included in this preview, Harry reflects on what he experienced: “It never should have been this way”, in addition to, apparently, delving into the subject of wanting his loved ones back, “I want a family, not a institution”. But, he also seems to continue with the narrative that he has maintained since his departure and that could be the axis of his memoirs, which are yet to be published: “They feel that it is better to leave us, in a way as the villains” .

For his part, in the talk he had with Cooper for the US media, when asked why not handle his family discussions in private, instead of making them public, Harry replied: “Every time I’ve tried to do it in private there are posts and leaks and planting stories against me and my wife. The family motto is never complain never explain, it’s just a motto. They (Buckingham Palace) will report or have a conversation with a correspondent and that correspondent will literally receive the information directly and write a story, at the end of that, they will comment that they have approached Buckingham Palace for a comment. But the whole story is Buckingham Palace commenting. So when they tell us that for the last six years ‘we couldn’t put out a statement to protect you,’ but you do it for other family members, it becomes a point where silence is treason.”


Harry would not have made any changes to his book

Where have you recorded these interviews?

Despite the fact that both Meghan and Harry have wanted to give a homely feeling in their recent interviews, which makes one think that they are in the privacy of their home, the reality is that these appearances have been recorded in different residences. Just as it happened in the case of the talk they had with Oprah, in which they only recorded the shots of additional material that was shown outside the interview at her house, in the case of Harry’s new appearances, everything indicates that they You have used an alternate location.

As reported by the Dailymail, it is the San Ysidro Ranch, a mythical residence that dates back to the 19th century, when it was a Franciscan monastery, and which in the 1930s became a hotel. The impressive property has 41 cottages equipped with their own fireplace and patio, surrounding a spectacular garden. The selection seems to maintain the Californian air that they have managed since their move, as part of their personal brand, without having to open the doors of their home in Montecito, California.