“I would take my partner to a desert island”

    His career began more than a decade ago with the film ‘Punishers’ and then he intervened in the series ‘Victor Ros’ Y ‘Tell me’. However, the name of Amaia Aberasturi did not start to sound loud until he entered the ‘coven’ by Pablo Agüero, a film that swept the 2021 Goyas and for which she was nominated for Best Actress. Since then, she has positioned herself as one of the performers with the most projection of a generation that has been going strong and is starring in some of the most successful fictions today.

    “‘Akelarre’ gave me visibility and meant a before and after. Now they call me directly and that makes me excited. There are days when I feel like I’m in a dream,” says the actress, who also wanted to be a teacher. In fact, she studied to practice as such: “I like education very much and it gives me peace of mind to have a second option. We all know that acting is difficult and unstable and I am a person who likes security.” At the moment, it seems that she is not going to have to resort to this ‘plan b’.

    A few months ago, we were able to see her in ‘The age of rage’, one of the latest series of Atresplayer, together with Manu Rios (‘Elite’) Y Carlos Alcaide (‘The boarding school’), and now Amaia Aberasturi returns to the screen thanks to Netflix and her new bet ‘Welcome to Eden’ (you can read our review here). In the story, the actress puts herself in the shoes of Zoa, a young woman with a complicated family life, addicted to social networks and who, in search of emotions, ends up on an island from which it will be difficult for her to escape.

    Amaia Aberasturi


    The plot starts with a message on the characters’ mobiles that says: ‘Are you happy?’ What would you have answered?

    It is a simple and at the same time complex question, because being happy involves many things, but without a doubt I would say that I am. My family makes me, because I am a home person and I like to be in my circle quietly. In my case, peace is closely linked to happiness.

    Nothing to do with Zoa…

    Yes, I would not go to a party without knowing who is organizing it. Zoa uses this event to get away from her family environment and from the conflicts, which are not few. She leaves to forget about her ills.

    What did you like about her?

    The bow that the character has. It has nothing to do with how it starts and how it ends. The ending is powerful and getting to do something like that, that transformation, I liked it a lot. In addition, he is a very different character from the ones I had done before and the series also caught my attention. Doing something new today is impossible, we have access to many series and movies. However, I believe that nothing similar had been done in Spain. The story is quite shocking.

    Amaia Aberasturi


    It is reminiscent of other fictions such as ‘The Wilds’, ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, ‘Lost’… What is new about it?

    I think that ‘Eden’ has the set of things that clearly work: absolutely incredible landscapes, an attractive image, it is very choral and there are subplots that make you aware of what is going to happen. It is an accumulation of constant sensations, a very powerful series on a visual and dramatic level.

    The plot speaks of that emptiness felt by the younger generations through the characters. They are very connected, but alone.

    I think maybe yes. In my case, I am a person who is very much in contact with nature and I don’t live so aware of the networks, but I think that this generation, by having access to technology, we can isolate ourselves from reality, from the truth, from nature. , of being with each other and, consequently, that brings loneliness. Although, I think it has more to do with the management you do.

    It also seems that, despite having everything, they feel enormous unhappiness…

    It has to do with management. If we have many things and information we can become unhappy. If in networks we see positive stimuli of perfect lives all the time, we can feel sad if we do not have what the rest. I think that a reflection must be made and it is that the majority shows the positive part on networks, nobody usually shows the ugly. But we must bear in mind that behind there is a person who suffers like us. If we have that clear idea, we should not feel unhappy.

    Lately, we see how the networks have put the issue of mental health on the table. Is there a tendency to avoid that ‘posturing’?

    Yes, totally. I think there are more and more varied accounts and people who tell you about their life and not just the good part. Everyone can choose who to follow and that is positive.

    “Most people show only the positive part on networks”

    Is it difficult for you to be without a mobile?

    I use it constantly, but it is true that, for example, the other day I was able to spend ten hours without it while shooting. Of course, if I am at home it is inevitable to take it and look at Instagram. I look at other people’s, so I’m not disconnected from the networks.

    Have you experienced any uncomfortable situation in them?

    The truth is that not much, although it is true that I do not have many followers. Some strange comment has touched me, but I think that these people only know a small part of my life. It is your opinion and I try not to affect it.

    How do you manage your mental health after being known?

    It makes me feel flattered to see that people like my work, and it is also surprising that you interest people who did not know you before and it is strange because, in the end, you are still the same. I have lived quite calmly, although now I think more about the things I share. Before I used to upload anything, I thought no one would see it and now I measure. Having a quiet family environment that does not belong to this world helps me to have my feet on the ground.

    Amaia Aberasturi


    Do you usually read reviews of your work?

    It depends on the moment, but I usually do it. Personally, I think it’s important because we shoot for the people and I care what they think. Some will like it and others won’t. Obviously, I prefer good comments, but there can’t always be good comments. Our work is subjective and I try to think about that.

    Do you remember any anecdote from the filming of the series?

    I’m sure there are a lot, but I can say that two companions have fallen asleep in sequence and I find it hilarious. One of them was Tomás Aguilera and he woke up to his phrase, it was great. The other, as he has not told, I will not say.

    Who would you take to a desert island?

    To my partner. Also to my sister who is very funny.

    Both Zoa and other of your previous characters are strong women. I guess it’s a luxury to be offered papers like that.

    They are characters that carry a large part of the dramatic plot and it is a gift. There are more and more important female characters and it would be good if it continued like this at all ages At 40, 50, 60 years old it is more difficult to find characters who carry the weight of fiction and who tell us plots beyond being a mother and little else . We want stories that move us, of women capable of doing and living a lot of things, but I think we’re on the right track. There is a new phase in this aspect.

    The plot is open. Will you return to Eden?

    I can not say anything. I would love to continue telling this story. Hopefully!

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