“If I focus on people who don’t agree with what I do, I spend energy and waste my time” says Alejandra Jaramillo | People | Entertainment

‘Me focused on mine and nothing else’, is the mentality with which Alejandra Jaramillo Avoid bad comments on social media. The Ecuadorian spoke in the last segment of sit who canmaking it clear that what she protects the most is her essence.

The Show cataloged the presenter as the most followed in all of Ecuador, with a total of 3.8 million followers on instagram, and she reflects on the true meaning of being an influence on the platform. When she was asked, during the program, if she ever wanted to close her social networks, her answer was: “never, because this job that I chose I know that it brings support and I also know that it brings detractors.”

This was the reunion between Alejandra Jaramillo and the family of Efraín Ruales; they spent Christmas together in Orlando

“I think that the public at home cannot get to know a person one hundred percent only through social networks or through a screen. But there is a lot of public perception, and there is also a margin of error. People who judge, who criticize in networks, without knowing the reasons, without really knowing what the person is likeThat also exists and is seen daily,” he said.

Among the comments, people speculate that the words of are directed towards Carlos Jose Matamoros. The television presenter would have judged the choice of Jaramillo in the topics to be discussed in the show UniMoresaying that he has a ‘poor performance’.

“I am going to choose my words well so that later they do not start to swing on social networks. The report for a morning show is super nice, not for a show business show,” he said. matamoros in the digital segment hold on of Telepremier at the beginning of December, referring to the Ecuadorian, which is exhibited on the international screen. (AND)