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The second part of ‘365 days’ keep up the good work, because until now It is found in the most watched Netflix in different countries, thus generating a “boom” among lovers of eroticism.

And it is that this new installment not only generated an impact for the increasingly explicit scenes and that they left nothing to the imagination, but also for showing an increasingly empowered Laura armed with more character and prominence, so much so that she is the one who stars in a large part of the dramatic charge that is present in this return in which Massimo also suffers from the loss of the baby that they were both waiting for.

Therefore, there are those They are already waiting for the announcement of the official date of the third partbecause in the face of the disturbing doubts that its ending left, more surprises are expected about the love destiny of this couple that has captivated the entire world for their increasingly erotic encounters and full of emotions that range from love to suffering for all the adversities they have had to go through together.

Movies similar to ‘365 days’ to see this weekend

Yes ok this production entitled ‘365 days’ what is based on the famous books written by Blanka Lipinska, handles very well the theme of sex, relationships and everything that derives from the obsessions of a powerful and at the same time dangerous man; it also shows the most sensitive side of a couple that is willing to overcome all their adversities in order to be together.

That has been a great part of the success of this story that is preparing to present a new installment that apparently will also be full of misfortunes, unforgettable moments in privacy, as well as painful situations that will lead them to live an unexpected end and far from each other.

That’s why while the new sequel arrives on Netflix, We show you other stories that are similar to this plot and that will make you delirious with passion:

wicked addiction

This is a production that handles very well the concept of the sexuality, but at levels never seen before in a relationship, because although its protagonist is the perfect lover, it is also true that she hides a deep desire for other men who are not her husband and this has notable consequences for her marriage.

Here Very sensitive issues are addressed in terms of how permissive some couples can be. Hence, nothing is hidden and all kinds of consequences that may be unfortunate in your future are avoided.


This film has the following synopsis: “Laura and Carlos experience the intensity and fragility of first love, but reality gradually blurs their idealized notions of romanticism.” Here you can see how this couple goes through various stages, but the hardest will be when the lies about true love begin to appear.

It is a plot that invites reflection and to discover what it is that you really want in relationships.