Ignacio López Tarso says that he needs money because he has not had a salary for 3 years | Famous

“I need money, I haven’t received a salary from my work as an actor for three years,” he said in an interview that “Sale el sol” broadcast on July 5.

Although he clarified that is not “starving”since it receives financial support for being an exclusive actor, this is not enough to support its expenses.

“Yes, I have the support of Televisa, I charge a monthly amount for life. That amount is not enough to live on,” he explained.

Ignacio López Tarso wishes to continue working at 97 years of age

At his age, the actor is already preparing his return to the theater, but not in person, but in a staging that will be broadcast via streaming.

“We are preparing a new work with three fundamental characters, who are the three important characters in the story, and they are: Don Agustín de Iturbide, Fray Servando Teresa de Mier and (…) ‘La Güera Rodríguez'”, he pointed out.

However, just as he sentenced him with money, the actor thinks that this soon-to-be-released work project is not enough.

“It is not enough either in the sense of work, I need work, I need theater,” he said in the interview with the morning show.

What is the state of health of Ignacio López Tarso?

Three days later, from his bed in the hospital and already stable, the histrion told in an interview with Maxime Woodside, owner of ‘Everything for Women’, the moment he began to feel bad.

“I went up to my room for a sweater, I went downstairs and [entonces] It was already colder, that alarmed me a little. I went back upstairs and put on gloves, a scarf, and a thick jacket. I went down to [la habitación donde está] TV and I started to shake hard, like a nervous breakdown, very rare, right? It was cold, I started to feel very cold,” she described.

In the recent statements, already from the comfort of his home, López Tarso announced how his state of health is currently.

“Fortunately, I’m very well, it was very few days, I spent four days in the sanatorium. I came out of there already completely cured,” he said.

“I’m healthy, fortunately. That’s how I plan to last until three years from now when I’ll be 100,” he said.