Ikea is all the rage with these legendary low-cost shelves that make everyone happy

If you want to furnish your apartment at a low price, you go directly to Ikea. Moreover, these shelves are proof of its effectiveness!

Ikea, the king of good deals

When we invest in real estate, our first instinct is to thoroughly analyze the new collections of Ikea. Whether on website or on glossy paper, the Swedish brand has experience in showcasing its products. Although Gad Elmaleh joked that the store was ” the temple of couples dispute“, the fact remains that we could not imagine our daily lives without his presence. Today, Objeko chooses to focus on storage. In small areas, we are often forced to compete in ingenuity to dispatch all our valuables. Even if it means throwing away some of it! Thanks to these shelves, this chore will become child’s play. Here we go, follow the guide!

Ikea and shelves, a beautiful love story!

Dear reader ofObjeko do you know the secret of referralsIkea ? If not, we recommend that you read this article. You will love discovering behind the scenes of the yellow and blue furniture store! No one could have predicted the behavior of this employee, and yet. He succeeded in duping the vigilance of his superiors. Back on topic. baptized KALLAX, these pieces of furniture have different sizes. The objective is to demonstrate that they can fit into any room, as long as you put a little bit of your own into it. Regardless of the direction or whether or not they are hung on the wall, everyone sees noon at their doorstep. You have understood it without us drawing you a picture, we bet that this series of products will quickly become a classic!

Trinkets, books or DVDs, small appliances, everything seems to fit in these shelves. budget issue, Objeko hallucinates in front of this price range. Ranging from 35 to 170 euros, no need to break the bank or wait for Santa Claus to come to treat yourself! Really, we can only salute the seriousness ofIkea. With panache, the manufacturers have thought of all the little details to divert us from the competition.

The art or the way of filling these boxes

If you want boxes for sorting and inserting them in the shelves, nothing could be simpler. As always, just ask Objeko his opinion on the matter. In the back-to-school prospectus, we spotted the DRÖNA. As the photo above shows, the result is worth its weight in peanuts.

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