Ikea makes a huge splash with this essential beauty accessory at a bargain price

Ikea is a brand that has stood out against all its competitors. Indeed, it is the first company to have launched the model of kit furniture at a lower cost. Also, look around, there’s furniture Ikea everywhere ! Whether it’s your home, your friends, your family. Everyone has at least one piece of furniture Ikea in his home, of course! Why so much success? The brand is always at the forefront of fashion and at an unbeatable price. This time, we present to you one of these trendy accessories that is causing a sensation!

Ikea : the king of inexpensive decoration?

Ikea got it all figured out. Indeed, in addition to following trends, the brand also creates them. Many household items have become essentials for many people. Do you need furniture? Your first instinct will be to first look at Ikea before going to see the competitors. Moreover, you often find your happiness in the stores Ikea which have a very complete range. The goal ofIkea is to make the world of decoration accessible to as many people as possible. We can rightly say that he has won his bet.

A trendy decoration at a lower cost

Thus, it is possible to furnish all the rooms of your house without breaking the bank. The items are customizable and very easy to assemble. One thing is certain, when you arrive in the stores, you feel a bit like home. Indeed, it’s a bit like Ali Baba’s cave, a place where you can find a whole bunch of useful objects and accessories. Do not hesitate to get lost in the rays to find various and varied treasures. In this article, we present to you a very beautiful round mirror, chic and which will adapt to any interior. We are sure that you will crack in front of this beautiful object.

An Ikea reference that is right on trend at the moment!

Ikea invites you to discover a mirror called LASSBYN. The latter is surrounded by a golden steel metal, which gives it a very elegant appearance. You have two options for placing it in your interior. You can either put it on a piece of furniture Ikea for example, either hang it on a wall. It will dress up your home and serve as decoration, but not only! If you place it in the entrance, it will be very practical to take a look at your hairstyle before leaving for work. Besides, this mirror Ikea will also give a little light and volume to your room, like all mirrors.

Security and Protection

In addition to its very modern look, the company has thought about your safety. If an accident happens and you drop it, it is equipped with an anti-shatter layer. Thanks to this additional protective film, the pieces of glass will be retained inside and will not scatter on the floor. What’s more, Ikea also reflected on manufacturing methods. Indeed, the product is manufactured according to the rules of the art to bring you even more protection. The manufacturing materials used are healthy. Indeed, instead of lead and mercury which can be dangerous for your health, the company has favored silver and aluminum which are less toxic.

Of course, this change of materials does not in any way degrade the quality of the product and the glass. Anyway, Ikea no longer has much to prove in the field of furniture and decoration. In any case, the company never rests on its laurels and always releases new collections in order to amaze its customers and create surprise. This new LASSBYN mirror is one of the latest novelties released. In addition, the price will please you, that’s for sure! This item is marketed for the modest sum of 14.99 euros. So, if you are on the lookout for an accessory to complete your decoration, look no further! You have found the pearl below! It’s simple, at Objekowe are already a fan!


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