Ikke Hipgold turns DSDS singer into a Ballermann star

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From: Lisa Klugmayer


Schmitty Extreme was rebuffed by Dieter Bohlen and all other jury members at DSDS, but fans celebrate the “Leony” song. Now pop star Ikke Hipgold wants to make a Ballermannsinger out of him.

Hamburg – Is Schmitty Extreme the new Ballermann star in the Mallorca sky? Have we already heard the new “Layla” at DSDS? Judging by fan reactions, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes. The media response was so great that even Ikke Hipgold is now considering taking the DSDS candidate under his wing.

February 1 update: Now it’s out: “Layla” hitmaker Ikke Hipgold (46) wants to bring out DSDS candidate Schmitty Extreme big on Ballermann (see first report). The hit star confirmed to tz.de that the media hype about the young party singer is already increasing. He also addressed pop titan and jury boss Dieter Bohlen (68) directly: “We just had Schmitty in the studio and from there … A clear message to Dieter Bohlen. We really believe in it because the feedback is great.”

Schmitty Extreme has already collected millions of clicks on social networks within a very short time – now the single release is due in just a few days: “Fire at will on Friday and then we’ll see what happens. The bet or the challenge behind it is: Will this song be more successful than the final song or winning song by Dieter Bohlen.” The 46-year-old is already confident of victory: “We say: yes – will be more successful!”

Ikke Hipgold turns DSDS singer into a Ballermann star
Is the next Mallorca bard growing up here? DSDS candidate Schmitty Extreme recently went to the studio, where he recorded a song with Dominik de Leon (left; business partner and producer of Ikke Hipgold). It should appear on Friday (February 3rd) © Private/Ikke Hipgold

DSDS-Bohlen laughed at him, but: Ikke Hipgold makes Schmitty Extreme a Ballermann star

First report from January 31: “I’m the next big Ballermann star. Jury get ready”, Schmitty Extreme was so sure of success before his DSDS casting appearance last Saturday (January 28, 2023). But with his self-written song “Leony” – a kind of “Layla” 2.0 – he could not convince the jury and received four nos. Small consolation prize: Pietro Lombardi can already imagine that he “could work on the Ballermann”.

Sam Schmidt from Berlin tries to convince the jury with (from left) Leony, Katja Krasavice, Pietro Lombardi and Dieter Bohlen.
Sam Schmidt from Berlin tries to convince the jury with (from left) Leony, Katja Krasavice, Pietro Lombardi and Dieter Bohlen. © RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Ikke Hipgold is probably of the same opinion. The “Layla” producer has now also become aware of the young Ballermann singer. He is currently voting on his Instagram account and is asking his fans: “Should Ikke & Summerfield Records produce Schmitty from DSDS? Vote now. Dieter didn’t want that hot shit.”

Dieter Bohlen – The nastiest sayings of the DSDS boss

Dieter Bohlen is an absolute fan favorite – probably also because of his nasty sayings. The former DSDS boss did not fall on his tongue, always has a saying in store and polarizes with his often nasty comments – mostly against innocent DSDS candidates. Here are the nastiest sayings from DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen.

“New summer hit 2023”: DSDS fans celebrate Schmitty Extreme

In the summer, the whole of Mallorca will probably roar to “Leony”, because the fan reactions are clear. The overwhelming majority is in favor of Ikke Hipgold producing Schmitty extreme. “Hit it out Ikke – absolute banger,” said an enthusiastic fan under the pop singer’s video. “Yes man, the song shot really badly,” comments another user. “The island needs the song!” A third fan is sure. “New summer hit 2023”, predicts this fan.

The fan vote is clear, Ballermann wants “Leony”. We asked Ikke Hipgold. “We just had the Schmitty in the studio (…). We really believe in it because the feedback is really great,” he reveals in an interview with Ippen-Digital. The Ballermann star doesn’t seem to want to lose any time, “Leony” will be officially released on February 3rd. “Fire free on Friday”.

Former DSDS candidate Anna-Carina Woitschack makes headlines with her honest interview about her marriage to Stefan Mross. She reveals some ugly details. Sources used: RTL/Deutschland sucht den Superstar – Season 20, Episode 5 from January 28, 2023 & Instagram/Ikke Hipgold