Ikke Hipgold vs. Michael Wendler: “Layla” producer becomes “Michael Pendler”

Ikke Hipgold vs. Michael Wendler
“Layla” producer becomes “Michael Pendler”

Ikke Hipgold (right) mimics his colleague Michael Wendler in a video.

Ikke Hipgold (right) mimics his colleague Michael Wendler in a video.

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Ikke Hipgold becomes Michael Wendler. For a video shoot, he plays his fallen hit colleague – including a black beard.

Ballermann star Ikke Hipgold (45) takes on the fallen pop star Michael Wendler (50). As the singer and producer (“Layla”) shows in his Instagram stories, he transforms into Wendler for a video shoot in Mannheim – including a black beard, matching black hairstyle and black sunglasses. In the “Bild” interview, Matthias Distel, Ikke Hipgold’s real name, explains what’s behind it. Accordingly, it is about the song “Michael Pendler” by the band Schlagerschaffner.

Not only his girlfriend Nina Reh (22), who plays Wendler’s wife Laura Müller (22) in the video, will be there, but also comedy star Bülent Ceylan (46), who is said to have a cameo appearance in it . Filming is scheduled to take place at Mannheim Central Station on Friday, August 19th. The song will be released on September 2nd. Hip Gold: “I prepared well for the role and even dyed my beard black yesterday.”

Deutsche Bahn also makes fun of Michael Wendler

Recently, a tweet from Deutsche Bahn made the rounds in relation to Michael Wendler. The official DB Cargo account tweeted in response to the headline “Michael Wendler and Laura Müller have to leave Villa in Florida”: “We have experience in transporting aluminum”. They allude to Wendler’s proximity to conspiracy theorists, who are mockingly referred to as aluminum hat wearers. Previously, the “Bild” newspaper also reportedthat Wendler’s landlady will not renew the lease of his house in Punta Gorda, Florida.