Ikke Hipgold wants to compete for Germany with party hits

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From: Jonas Erbas


Ikke Hipgold dreams of the ESC: With his party hit “Lied mitgutes Text” he wants to conquer the “Eurovision Song Contest” in Liverpool in 2023 – but first he has to be in the preliminary round…

Hamburg – Germany could not break its ESC curse in 2022 either: At the “Eurovision Song Contest” in Turin, Malik Harris (25, “Rockstars”) ended up in last place with just six points – the NDR casting concept once again didn’t work out . Pop star and “Layla” producer Ikke Hipgold (46) could bring a breath of fresh air this year.

Ikke Hip Gold at ESC 2023? – Schlagerstar makes it into the Eurovision qualifying round

If something doesn’t change urgently, Germany is threatened with the next Eurovision disaster in 2023. Nine acts want to prevent this, eight of which the NDR announced on Friday (January 27) for the German ESC preliminary round on March 3rd. Musically there is far more variety than usual this year; for example thanks to the dark rock group Lord of the Lost (“Blood And Glitter”), the pop punk band Lonely Spring (“Misfit”) or Frida Gold (“All the women in me are tired”), who even in 2013 were already at the top of the German album charts.

Ikke Hipgold wants to compete for Germany with party hits
Will Ikke Hipgold represent Germany in the “Eurovision Song Contest” in 2023? The Mallorca singer can qualify for the NDR preliminary round via TikTok, but the competition is not without (photomontage) © NDR/Marc Bremer & Corinne Cumming/EBU/dpa

The ninth preliminary candidate is to be determined by February 3 in a vote on the social network TikTok. There are six acts to choose from: Betül (“Heaven”), Leslie Clio (“Free Again”), From Fall To Spring (“Draw The Line”), JONA (“10/10”), Mitchy & André Katawazi and NashUp (“Summertime”) and Ikke Hipgold (“Song with good lyrics”). The latter conquered the hearts of numerous party-goers in the summer of 2022 with the party hit “Layla”, which he produced – a success that the Mallorca singer would like to repeat throughout Europe at the “Eurovision Song Contest”.

These eight acts have already been nominated for Our Song for Liverpool:

Will Church with “Hold On”

Patty Gurdy with “Melodies Of Hope”

TRONG with “Dare To Be Different”

Lonely Spring with “Misfit”

Anica Russo with “Once Upon A Dream”

Lord Of The Lost with “Blood And Glitter”

Frida Gold with “All the women in me are tired”

Rene Miller with “Concrete Heart”

With a party hit for the “Eurovision Song Contest” – Ikke Hipgold has to contest two preliminary decisions

But the way to ESC 2023 shouldn’t be easy for Ikke Hipgold: After the TikTok voting, “Our Song for Liverpool” would still be waiting at the beginning of March. There only one out of nine acts can qualify for the largest music competition in the world. The qualifying round runs on March 3rd at 10:20 p.m. on the first channel, on eurovision.de and in the ARD media library. Barbara Schöneberger (48) leads through the evening.

After all, the preliminary decision on TikTok is in the hands of the fans. However, if you want to vote for Ikke Hipgold (or another five candidates) there, you need a corresponding social media account. One vote may be cast per day. While the party hit singer hopes to get ahead, the joy of one of his colleagues is currently limitless: Ella Endlich (38) recently announced her pregnancy overjoyed. Sources used: eurovision.de, ndr.de