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The singer Ile believes that the panorama for women in music is getting better and better, because today there is a lot of space for their visions to be taken into account, both in front of the microphones and in the production area.

In interview with The Sun of MexicoHe believed that this trend is contributing to a paradigm shift in the way music shapes our social context. “Every time we are understanding more things about ourselves, and realizing a lot of patterns that we were living,” she warns.

“We lived according to a system that led us to be a certain way. We do not have to follow this pattern, nor get used to continuing in patriarchy. It is very nice to feel that through music, little by little to lose that fear of expressing ourselves as we want and not according to what the industry or the patriarchy itself demands of us,” he added.

The singer took her first steps alongside her brothers René Pérez Joglar, Resident and Eduardo Cabra Visitorbeing the female voice of the group Calle 13. In 2016 he released his debut solo album,unavoidablecomposed of songs written by her in collaboration with her sister and her grandmother.

For his second material, soul (2019), she undertook the task of looking for more women to collaborate with her in the production area, in order to continue promoting the female presence in the industry.

In her opinion, when colleagues are involved, “there is a different look, I am super used to working with many men, and more and more I want to continue collaborating with women. Sometimes we get so used to the look and the masculine style, that when you play with women you go ‘wow!'”

The Puerto Rican clarified that no gender is superior to another, but simply “they are different gazes, sometimes there is a masculine gaze that is a bit out of what you are used to. There are times when this masculine gaze, unintentionally because it is unconscious, seeks a certain beauty stereotype, and the female gaze is a little more inward.

The artist is currently presenting her third album, entitled nacarileand includes guests including IvyQueen, Natalia Lafourcade, MonLaferte and Trueno.

The 11 songs that make it up were written by her during the pandemic, which is why she considers this album the result of a great exercise that helped her channel everything she felt at that moment.

Musically, he draws on his affinity for classical Latin American genres, and Puerto Rican folkloric percussion, and even ventures into hip-hop that he performed in his youth on Calle 13.

“It was made during the crisis that occurred in 2020, and little by little I got into the creative process, finding that direction. The pandemic happened and at the moment I had to change, there was a lot of concern, emotionally it was very charged.”

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To promote this work, he is planning a tour of different cities in Latin America. It is a joy for her to meet again with the audience that has followed her all these years, as it gives her the opportunity to realize how the audience perceives her music.

“It’s very energetic, it affects both parties. For me it’s super important how the message you want to carry is interpreted, I always try to make it as transparent and simple as possible, there are many things we want to say,” he concluded.