“I’ll pray!” Farmer Justin needs heavenly help in the choice of ladies

Updated on 4/26/2022 at 10:15 p.m

  • The choice of five ladies-in-waiting becomes a torment for “Bauer sucht Frau International” bachelor Justin.
  • Heavenly advice is needed for the believing Catholic.
  • Farmer Félix is ​​showing signs of failure in Peru: Lady-in-waiting Monika finds her accommodation “unacceptable”.

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Love stress for farmer Justin from Alsace: The most sought-after farmer in the fourth season “Bauer sucht Frau international” (Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. on RTL) has to decide between five women. The 30-year-old only wants to take two of them to Hofwoche. It’s just too bad that he’s spontaneously enthusiastic about everyone.

The eyes and smile of saleswoman Sabrina (31) fascinate him: “The looks we exchanged were particularly beautiful. That just blew me away.” Student teacher Miriam (30) is “a very beautiful woman, very intelligent”. The farmer makes direct physical contact with clerk Paloma (34) and laughs a lot. Steffi (34) from Austria, on the other hand, convinces the dark-haired farmer with other qualities: “We have almost the same glasses!”

While all the women come out of their one-on-one conversation with Justin, Maureen (29) does it right: “I don’t want to share the early days,” she makes a clear statement to the farmer. Ideally, he should only take her to the farm. Maureen: “He signaled to me that I was his favorite.” Justin is torn: “I’ll pray,” says the devout Catholic. At the end, dark-haired Maureen is given a large gingerbread heart. But she’s not the only one: Steffi, the twin with glasses, is also allowed to go to the popular farmer’s farm.

Surprising departure from Farmer Félix

Saxon Simone (58) and Bavarian Monika (48) are already a big step further: After an exhausting journey to Peru, they are about to meet coffee farmer Félix (55). Simone wants to freshen up when she stops by: “I also want to look pretty! The eyeliner has to be right.” Without further ado, competitor Monika is hired as a cosmetic mirror holder. The competitor, who is ten years her junior, can’t resist a dig: “What can I say? An old lady, nice and funny, but she’s older and I’m younger.” Simone remains calm: “I don’t listen to something like that.”

Farmer is looking for a woman, international, Inka Bause, farmers, court ladies, court week, 2022, RTL, dome show
Coffee farmer Félix has to do without a lady-in-waiting – she moves to the hotel.


Monika, on the other hand, pricks up after Félix announces after the greeting that a) there is currently no hot water on the farm and b) there is no room for the two ladies-in-waiting either. They have to share the open gallery in the single’s house. Too much for Monika: “I don’t like that, I don’t have any privacy, that’s not acceptable for me,” she foams. Over the pisco sour, she announces to the surprised farmer that she won’t be sleeping in his house, but in a hotel.

Félix is ​​flabbergasted: “She’s wasting time getting to know me. When she gets up, she doesn’t get breakfast in bed either.” Competitor Simone is also irritated: “Whoever says A must also say B,” she thinks, “you just have to do it.” Nice side effect: Simone got rid of her competitor without a fight.

A dance in honor

Meanwhile, Frank and Alexander are still fighting hard for the heart of farmer Rolinka (54): On Rolinka’s vineyard, they can show how skilled they are at destroying weeds and dead wood. Although the farmer’s wife is visually more attracted to PR consultant Frank, auditor Alexander scores. He gives her a photo album with many blank pages and asks the farmer’s wife to dance in the evening. Rolinka: “That was really great. He dances very well.”

Farmer is looking for a woman, international, Inka Bause, farmers, court ladies, court week, 2022, RTL, dome show
Vineyard owner Rolinka lets Frank and Alexander work with her.


In South Africa at the asparagus and passion fruit farmer Rüdiger, there is no dancing, but a lot of laughing. Much to the amazement of the 56-year-old, his ladies-in-waiting Christine (51) and Martina (58) get along very well: “They just laughed – it was also a way of communicating.” The farmer finds it less exciting that Christine only toasts with water instead of South African wine in the evening. But the farm week has only just begun…
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