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For Ilse Salas the theater is like a lover you can’t get rid of. “As it doesn’t suit me, but it smells good”, he jokes when referring to his passion for this art, with which he meets again in a brief participation of 16 performances in the work networkwith the paper of Diana Christensen.

In interview with The Sun of Mexicothe actress said that everything happened in the middle of a friendly plan, which brings her together with old friends, Daniel Giménez Cacho (the protagonist) and Francisco Franco (the director), and made her return to her complex but pleasant relationship with the stage.

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“As a first love, then they are stormy and toxic, I’m not going to romanticize it so much. I studied theater, but it’s ungrateful, although the satisfaction it gives you when people go to see you and you feel that they are connected to you, it is a mystical experience. It happens something difficult to explain for those who have not experienced going to a good play, or have not been planted on a stage”, he expresses.

“It involves a lot of nerves and a lot of work, of course I could make more money doing some advertising or any other work that we have available, but those brief mystical moments only happen in the theater,” he added.

The setup is based on the homonymous tape of 1976follow in the footsteps of the veteran presenter Howard Beale (Giménez Cacho), who after 25 years working in a television network, must leave his post due to the low audience level. After receiving the news, he announces during a broadcast that he will commit suicide in his last program before the cameras.

The winner of the Ariel Award in 2018 for girls well, said that given the powerful message of the workabout the impact of the media on people’s mentality, since she came as a spectator she knew she would love to join the cast.

And it is that for her, saying yes to a project goes beyond adding a title to her resume or accepting a professional challenge, her goal is to leave a message and participate in projects that she likes. “It always makes me laugh when actors or actresses who accept projects that challenge me respond, that is a very valuable, but very privileged reason.

“When I have the privilege of having options to choose from, which fortunately has been the last few years of my career, it coincides with the fact that they make me think and reflect. Yes, I give great importance to the issue we are talking about. This one in particular makes me talk a lot, I’m interested in generating conversations.”

On a personal level, this text made her realize that despite the temporal distance that exists with her film versionthis story is still valid and could be adapted without problems to the present time, since the world continues to be dominated, for the most part, “by white and rich men,” he warns.

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“It caused me an important catharsis, which is why I do theater, to feel that in the public. There is a moment where Howard he has this revelation and shouts about what he is fed up with, and anyone who goes to see the play cannot help but feel identified with that desperation, that impossibility of changing things, and knowing that we are prey to a few and we are fed up with it”, ends the actress who, among her recent projects, participates in the tape Make me up againby Guillermo Calderón together with Paulina Gaitán and Regina Blandón .

Ilse Salas will be featured in network from July 8 to August 7, with performances on Fridays at 8:30 p.m., Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., and Sundays at 5:30 p.m. at the Insurgentes Theater.


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