“I’m already taken”, Yina Calderón has been drinking with her employees for two days celebrating Christmas

Yina Calderón’s rehabilitation went “to hell” and all because of the Christmas festivities that the DJ was not going to let go “blank”Well, if the businesswoman in shapewear likes something, it is the party and any reason seems to be enough for her to take out all her arsenal and have a party like she knows how to do it, with a lot of liquor, a lot of guaracha and evidence on social networks.

It was in her Instagram stories where the DJ herself revealed that she is drunk because she has been drinking liquor for two days and all because she is celebrating Christmas with her employees, whom she loves very much and for that reason she gave them the space to share food, drinks and gifts

“Hello babies how are you? For those who ask, yes, I have been drinking since yesterday with my employees and I believe that this does not make me a bad person. They are the people who help me all year, so I know that tonight I am going to get drunk, what a son of a bitch. I’m already taken, but today I’m going to finish it off, yes or no, Luisa? ”, Said the businesswoman in her video in which she is seen wearing a pink shirt and with her iconic green hair.

Yina took advantage of her intervention to send the best Christmas wishes to all her followers and even her haters, who this year were very aware of all the missteps of the DJ to replicate her videos and launch harsh criticism, which the singer already knows how to handle. The perfection.

“I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, my God bless you, thanks for the criticism. To the people who treated me badly this year, all good, I don’t hold grudges, you are not guilty. And to the people who support me, thank you very much, I love you very much and I promise that the next year will be ours, I swear. I love you very much and Merry Christmas to all,” added the businesswoman with the girdles.

Yina had announced on social networks a couple of weeks ago that during December she was going to be judicious with exercise, diet, and was going to stop the excesses that were affecting her, not only with her health, but in a labor and economic way, liquor being one of the main reasons why Calderón has lost contracts, friends and has even put her against the wall with her family, because her father told her that if she continued drinking as she had been doing, she would lose everything she has built.

That’s why he decided that December was going to be his month, in which he was going to feed himself with his shakes and healthy food, adding exercise to your routine to maintain your body without once again going through the operating roomto which he cannot return for a long time due to all the interventions that have been done in recent months and the complications he has had.

In this context, liquor was no longer on the list of options for Yina, who started her new lifestyle very happy and motivated, but apparently took a break to give herself the freedom to celebrate Christmas with her employees and her family. , who have been at the foot of the canyon with the DJ in the most difficult moments she has had, such as when she released her most recent guaracha, a cover of vallenato how the cold hurtswhich caused a huge uproar on social networks because many called this production an insult to the composer and the original performer of the single, a matter that the influencer had to address by apologizing and saying that her intention was never to affect anyone.