“I’m crazy”, Adriana Hasbún gets excited when showing her new acquisition

Once again, the beautiful tiktoker Adriana Hasbún reached the hearts of her followers with a series of stories in which she shows extreme happiness by showing what she bought.

One of the characteristics that has made Adriana Hasbún popular on social networks is her extreme energy, which very few have when it comes to recording content for videos.

But the tiktoker always shows that her level of adrenaline is normal for her, not only does it come out when she appears doing choreographies or in her live shows on Instagram, but also when she publishes some stories from her daily life.

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This has just become clear once again in a series of videos where he appears in his room showing off his new acquisition, a powerful speaker with which he will surely make your entire house vibrate.

Adriana Hasbún is always characterized by her energy when it comes to dancing. Illustrative and non-commercial video / https://www.instagram.com/stories/adhasbun/2845502163416559975/

“My new acquisition ha ha,” reads one of the videos posted by Adriana, who looks very excited with her speaker as she dances and is seen with a big smile on her face.

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“How are you, with lights and everything,” adds the tiktoker, who appears in a comfortable and tight outfit in which she dances to El Alfa’s latest hit: “Gogo dance.”

In the end, it seems that Adriana went back to see the newly recorded stories, and came to a conclusion: “I’m crazy.” She always enjoys her antics.