“I’m doing very well”: Florent Pagny, shaved beard, announces very good news about his cancer

Florent Pagny posted a video on his Instagram account this Tuesday, May 10. The singer gave his news and these are very good.

Florent Pagny is a singer who needs no introduction. He rose to prominence in 1988 and had a string of successes thereafter. Very close to his fans, it was sad news that he announced on January 25th. In a video posted on his Instagram account, he explained that he had “tumor in the lung, cancerous, not very sympathetic and which cannot be operated on“. This Tuesday, May 10, he wanted to give them some news and these are very good. “Hello everyone, I’m here to give you some news. You noticed that I was not very social networks so I wasn’t going to impose a Netflix series on you about my treatment and my story.and“, he first joked. Afterwards, he added: “She’s almost behind me since I only have one chemotherapy session left and I can tell you that I’m doing very well.“. In a teasing mood, Florent Pagny also talks about his new look, shaved head but he also shaved his beard. “I changed my look a bit, a bit necessarily because it’s the treatment that wants it, but I’ll get used to it and it will pass“, he assured, delighted that everything is better.

Florent Pagny was determined to reassure his fans. “The protocol worked rather well since my tumor as big as a kiwi turned into a nut from the first two chemos.“, he first explained before providing details regarding his treatment. “Immediately, we sent heavy with radiotherapy and more intensive chemos“, he continued before adding: “When everything is finished, we will be able to know a little more about the results but we are very confident“. According to the singer, if everything happened in the best conditions, it is in particular because he was “very well accompanied medically, by my other half, my children. There are also these phenomena of synchronicity with these thousands of messages and testimonies of love, support, good vibes so I think it allowed me to pass this story in this way“, he said, thanking his fans for their unwavering support. Determined to find his audience, Florent Pagny said he was going “finish The Voice, chemotherapy, I’ll go get my hair back and, if all goes well, we’ll meet again next year to finish what I started“, he concluded.

Florent Pagny: does he intend to return to the stage?

Florent Pagny is much better and he was determined to let it be known. After giving good news, he promised his subscribers that he will find them when he can. “It will be called the tour of 61“, he continued before adding: “Thank you again for everything you sent me and see you very soon“. In the comments, his fans were quick to comment, assuring that they were happy to hear that everything is better.


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