#I’m Hugo Blanquet: “Being drag is an intellectual, creative and sexual satisfaction” – El Sol de México

For Hugo, the light that shines on the breakfast bar in the kitchen is the best to carry out his transformation. It’s almost 9:00 p.m. and it’s barely going with the base. He layer upon layer, one shade covers another. With the corrector the eyebrows are erased to then put a more pronounced line on them.

He begins to despair because the day before he had broken his mirror, he doesn’t need those that the big stars use in their dressing room surrounded by intense spotlights, with one hand only. Red lips, pronounced cheekbones, huge eyelashes and gray eyelids. “As a child I wanted to be a firefighter,” says who now personifies herself as Miss Diamond.

He confesses that his nights are full of laughter, music, chaos and neurosis, “the life of drag queen it’s very tired, but it’s interesting, unfortunately the popularity came to me when I was around 40”.

This year marks 25 years of career doing cabaret and theater; His dream is to make movies and on television the opportunities have not been the best:

“I have been offered many things in programs, one was in how the saying saysor, another in the Guadalupe’s rose, but it is always a character from the jotita stylist or the butcher who dresses as a woman at night. If I don’t respect what I do, people won’t respect it, they were crude things”.

He has brought talent since he was a child, and at any opportunity he had, he stood out for his virtues in singing and acting.

“I am an only child; I was raised by my grandmother and my aunt in a very loving family. It was a mess, in any dance piece there was, there I was hitting jumps. He did Timbiriche concerts in the living room of the house.

“I finished high school and half of high school. When I had my sexual awakening, everything exploded, my mom took me out of school and told me to finish high school first and then I could do whatever I wanted, but they didn’t kick me out of school because I was very intelligent, from then on I was a rampage”.

That hyperactivity stopped when he found out that at his young age he had a serious illness.

“I had cancer and from then on it was a pain, I was very introverted. Currently I only have one kidney. They told my mom to take me out of school because I only had six months to live.

“I don’t know what I could have done as a child to have that, but we have to learn something. I don’t know why at this point in my life I have to live with one kidney, but you can’t think about it all your life, but rather think about doing your things because you don’t know when that kidney is going to stop working.”

That is his main motivation to do what he loves and is so passionate about, and each presentation is like a shot of adrenaline with which he charges engines.

“I studied marketing but I said, ‘this is not for me’, and that’s how I decided to study acting at the Virginia Fábregas Center, from then on I didn’t stop doing theater”.

Between wigs, dresses and something else

Miss Diamond began with witch roles on stage, thanks to her powerful tone of voice. At that time the term drag queen it was unknown in our country, and so their battle began.

“They called us the crazy ones, the clowns… The transvestites hated us, but because of us (the drags) we managed to get the pride march to the zócalo, especially because of the Super Mana. I remember that in that march we only got to Bellas Artes, they threw urine, food at us… We had two trucks and we went all the way back, finally we got to the Zócalo, I had never cried so much, it was a great fight that we all did and that people do not see ” .

And what is a drag queen? “The term has different meanings since the Greeks. They say it’s misogynistic, because it comes from submission to women. But it is actually a tribute to women’s freedom of expression.”

Thus began his story. “I started working in bars when I was 18 years old. I danced with Laura León. Later I sold English courses, I was a distributor of a cell phone brand, that’s when I realized that stand-up It was my thing because without wanting it, I gave training and they were the most successful.

“But I wanted to dress as a woman, so I did theater, cabaret and launched the show Diva Mexico with vernacular music where he told the story of The war Rodríguez… An exciting story, I would love to make his life in theater”.

It was that character that led her to create a montage of stand-up where she had seven husbands and each one was a deadly sin.

“This is the same show I’ve been on dragamorphosis, Why is it called that? Because drag is what I am, love is what I’m looking for and fosis is all that a forty-year-old drag queen like me has to do not to die trying”.

One more challenge

For Miss Diamond it is very important that people know that she does not consider herself an activist, but that her fight for rights has led her down a difficult path in which she has even had to face the police.

“Once I heard Ophelia Pastrana say that we did not have a voice, but that there is a march for us.

“I want people to know that they hit me too. It went well for me, but there were many who took them to Lecumberri and that was certain rape. I suffered because I have always been as I am. Before, the police accused you of prostitution and many times they arrested me, ”she says.

“On Tuesdays at the Taller bar in the Zona Rosa, there were talks and they told what was happening in the gay world, like when they took the chichifos (prostitutes) from Zona Rosa and went to vote for them in Santa Fe. There was a group of activists, true activists who at that time did not care about the likes, who were the ones who helped respect our rights.

And he adds: “discrimination has never affected me because I have never stopped being who I am, nor have I let a person have power over my life and a word like fucking It doesn’t describe me at all.”

For her, respect comes before any religion or way of thinking:

“I agree that you do not accept homosexuality, but that difference does not make you a better person and does not give you the right to judge my life… I do not have to follow your rules, I do not ask you to understand me, but I demand that you respect me. You can believe in religion, but I don’t have to live by your rules.”

She affirms that she is proud of her identity and that she will never try to change it.

“I have never wanted to change my identity, being drag is a personal, intellectual, creative and sexual satisfaction. To be an empowered woman it is not necessary to change gender, it was hard for me to become a transvestite because it is difficult for people to accept you, but then I said: I don’t care if they accept me. Many friends left and those who stayed is because they are badasses.

For all public

Miss Diamond makes all kinds of audiences laugh and despite her popularity among the LGBT+ community, she says that the hetero audience is one of her loyal fans.

“My show is not so much for the community, but it has been well accepted among the hetero community, I even go to palenques. Sometimes I get to have up to nine shows in one day. I sleep little, usually the days I rest are Wednesdays”.

Finally, he confesses what he considers to have been his biggest mistake:

“Having abused drugs for so long… And having confused love with toxicity. And my greatest success is to have left all that, ”she concludes.

All the information about their presentations, through their networks: Dragamorfosis and @hugoblanquetofficial.

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