“I’m incapable”: tears after tough announcement at “Rosin’s Restaurants”

Updated on 06/09/2022 at 10:29 p.m

  • “I’ve never eaten such a delicious pizza in Hamburg,” Frank Rosin marveled.
  • The star chef almost wanted to cancel his mission with the “pizza baker”.
  • Then an undercover test meal at “Rosin’s Restaurants” (kabel eins) ended in a “total catastrophe”.

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Would you like to quickly order a pizza on the phone? Better not at the Hamburg “pizza baker”. Because there you not only waste valuable time waiting, not to mention hunger. It can also happen that you are properly pummeled on the phone: “Have you just called five times? Don’t you listen to the answering machine?” That was the end of it. Because Frank Rosin put an end to the wild hustle and bustle in the current episode of “Rosin’s Restaurants”. Clear words were needed for this.

“Take the key, lock it, sell tea on the phone, but not like this!” – At an undercover test dinner, Frank Rosin experienced his blue miracle. He was correspondingly harsh with the 58-year-old “pizza baker” Nicole: “It’s not worthy of a restaurant! A total disaster!” The Hamburg native burst into tears: “Maybe I’m incapable! I feel completely screwed right now!” Cheer up, because the maître also elicited the following praise: “I’ve never eaten such a delicious pizza in Hamburg! If I hadn’t liked the pizza, the team would have packed up and we’d have gone to another restaurant!”

“That the regulatory office even approves this…”

It was a good thing that the star guest from the Ruhr area stayed, because Nicole desperately needed his help. “My financial situation sucks,” she revealed. “Do I buy toilet paper or do I buy bread?” In addition, the trained gilder owed her brother Max at least 30,000 euros. He finally turned to the TV expert for help. Because something went wrong with Sister Nicole in the kitchen. “Only have two ovens!” – with the sentence she rejected rows of puzzled customers in spe. She also preferred to talk to her customers with her pizzas rather than on the phone.

Rosins Restaurants, Frank Rosin, Kabel Eins, Die Pizzabäckerin, Hamburg, star chef
Star chef Frank Rosin went on an undercover mission with the “pizza baker”.

© kabel eins/ Willi Weber

Frank Rosin and his 15 undercover test eaters experienced this first-hand. The comments about Nicole’s shop were not very flattering: “The fact that the regulatory office even approves this…” Rosin exclaimed in view of the wildly assembled inventory. “Family with four children, that’s what it looks like, but professional restaurant?”

When the first guests came, he could hardly believe his eyes: “She’s surprised that there are customers in the store,” he exclaimed in horror. Nicole was completely overwhelmed with the onslaught. The first hungry test eaters had to wait an hour for their pizzas. At some point Rosin got the faxes thick, revealed himself and poured the “pizza baker” pure wine. She fell into a valley of tears.

“Speed ​​dating” with Giuseppe

Finally, Nicole vowed to get better and assured that she takes it all very seriously. Rosin’s collar burst again: “No, you don’t take it. Anyone who wastes 38,000 euros from their brother and argues like yesterday doesn’t take anything seriously!” Prompted by Rosin, the siblings settled on a repayment agreement. But there was much more to be settled.

Like the kitchen: “Is that your living room?” asked Flo the amused outfitter. His clear message: Everything has to go! Meanwhile, restaurant expert Nicole introduced a professional pizza maker: Giuseppe from Italy. He makes 60 pizzas an hour. Nicole could only dream of that. So there was a tutoring session. “The pizza maker” did well. In the future she should have a workplace that is just as organized as Giuseppe. Then it slips too.

Luckily for her, all that was missing now was a real pizza oven. And there was that too – together with a completely overhauled restaurant: “Oh, my shit!” Nicole rejoiced. “Flo, I’ll propose to you immediately!” They didn’t get married, but Nicole also let her charm play on Frank. After another cooking coaching, she explained: “It was nice with you!” yikes “Have you ever heard someone say that?” the strict expert wondered.

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successful comeback?

The day of the reopening could come. The renewed test meal meant piecework for Nicole. So that she could only concentrate on the pizzas, her brother Max took over all the other tasks such as the cash register and the telephone. A temporary worker has to be found for these activities. In the final, however, Max did a good job.

Rosins Restaurants, Frank Rosin, Kabel Eins, Die Pizzabäckerin, Hamburg, star chef
Frank Rosin (left) sent Nicole to professional pizza baker Giuseppe from Italy.

© cable one

And Nicole? After five (instead of 60) minutes, the first test eater was able to happily receive his pizza. But careless mistakes also crept in: a customer missed cheese and oregano. Nevertheless, there were four stars for Nicole. That could be seen.

“He not only gave me a new pizza shop, but a whole new life,” said “The Pizza Baker”. And brother Max also had hopes of seeing his money again: “She got a future – and hopefully I’ll get a part of the future too!”

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