“I’m not always fresh”: Benjamin Azoulay comes out of silence after accusations of failed cosmetic operations

This Thursday in TPMP, Cyril Hanouna’s team received Benjamin Azoulay, the surgeon accused of failed interventions by six patients. The latter tried to defend himself by refuting the accusations against him.

In the latest issue of Le Parisien, published this Thursday, an article gives the floor to six women who have allegedly been victims of ill-treatment by cosmetic surgeon Benjamin Azoulay. The latter, who consulted the doctor between 2014 and 2022, denounce failed cosmetic surgery operations, with supporting photos. They evoke ainhuman doctor“who would operate in”a daze“.”It must be stopped!“, they alerted. Eager to make his truth heard, Dr. Benjamin Azoulay, who was received on the set of TPMP this Thursday, spoke about this case. The latter defended himself, among other things, from operate in a daze.”I get up very early in the morning, since I chose a job where I operate at 7:30 a.m. every day, I finish at 9 p.m. on average in the evening, so yes of course, there are mornings when my head is loose (…) I am not always fresh, that means that I have a tired head, that I mark, I have dark circles, etc. But would I go to operate in a daze? (…) These are words that are slanderous“, said Benjamin Azoulay.

Benjamin Azoulay: accused of an intervention that could have been “deadly”

While one of the patients, nicknamed Anaïs in the article in Le Parisien, qualifies as “butcher’s shop“His breast surgery by Dr. Azoulay, another, former reality TV star Luna Skye, could have had a fatal outcome, according to a doctor.”The MRI showed that Doctor Azoulay had injected me with the product in the muscles“, said the latter. A relatively dangerous practice, according to Dr. Éric Plot, member of the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. There is a risk of embolism which can be fatal“, indicated the latter. For the moment, justice has not been seized.


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