“I’m not your friend”: Amel Bent puts a candidate in his place in The Voice!

The Voice is a program that was designed to reveal new talents to the public. In this sense, it is rare for artists already on the circuit to participate. It was however without counting on the perseverance of Jérôme Sebag who had insisted on going on stage. The composer had then sung a piece by Véronique Sanson which had failed to make the judges flinch. Amel Bent, Vianney and Marc Lavoine turned around at the last minute before the final melody was finished. Suffice to say that the suspense was at its height for the candidate.

Amel Bent uncompromising towards her talents

After having each expressed their feelings, the jurors as well as the candidate had made some exchanges for the rest of the program. After these blind auditions, Jérôme Sebag will have to choose the coach with whom he wishes to continue the adventure. Unsurprisingly, his gaze had turned to Amel Bent for whom he had already written a few songs. It was then that swore from The Voice had wanted to make things clear with his talent.

Amel Bent as well to clarify that she was not the friend of Jérôme Sebag and that he had to listen to his advice to persevere. Just asked about this first week of coaching, the young man had been cash. His coach was completely uncompromising.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/247206-je-ne-suis-pas-ta-pote-amel-bent-remet-un-candidat-a-sa-place-dans-the-voice