“I’m terrified of deep water”

The summer of…- Canadian photographer and director, Kourtney Roy, presents her exhibition Queen of Nowhere in Paris.

Kourtney Roy.- What will your summer look like?
Madame Figaro.- I’m going to share my time between preparing my first feature film and my wandering life on the various ferries that commute with France, for the needs of a major photographic project with the BnF entitled Between two worlds.

Craziest summer ever?
Each summer surpasses the previous one. This one seems a bit scary knowing that I’m working on my first film.

And the worst summer?
I’m not sure I’ve had a “worse” summer. There is nothing that stands out as being terrible. I don’t really see the past in a binary way, like “bad/good, better/worse”, but rather as a slow progression.

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Sea bathing or lengths in the pool?
Swimming pool ! I’m terrified of deep water. Sometimes I even scare myself swimming in a swimming pool, imagining what might be hiding there and having to get out…! I know it’s irrational, but I have a wild imagination.

Cool rosé or refreshing cocktail?
Rosé! A cheap grape variety that I drown with ice cubes.

A signature dish?
I make the best pizza in the world! My ingredients? Capers, broccoli, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and raw garlic.

Lounge chair or fouta?
Neither. I don’t bask in the sun on the beach. It’s too hot, it’s too sunny, there’s too much sand and too many screaming children. I like to sit in a chair in the shade with a cold drink and look into the distance.

Sandals or flip flops?
Flip flops.

Dress or shorts?
A dress. The shorter it is, the better. I often say, “Show your legs as much as you can!” »

I often say, “Show your legs while you can!”

Kourtney Roy

Sand castle or abs-glutes?
Blow up the sandcastle by a third with firecrackers.

A reading break assumed?
As I am preparing my film, this summer there will only be fiction or film theory.

Your favorite beach conversation?
Talking about what we are going to eat for dinner, or when we are going to have a drink.

Instagram or TikTok?
I use Instagram and not TikTok for my work, but I wouldn’t say I have a preference for one or the other.

Fruit sorbet or Nutella-chantilly waffle?
Neither. Rather rosé.

Barbecue or meditation?
A vegetarian barbecue, at any time.

The perfect aperitif playlist?
The new wave of the 1980s.

A dinner under the stars with…?
Udo Kier and Charles Bukowski. I like eccentric old men… Well… men, period!

Queen of Nowhere, by Kourtney Roy, until September 15 at the Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, in Paris.

Source- https://madame.lefigaro.fr/celebrites/kourtney-roy-je-suis-terrifiee-par-l-eau-profonde-20220703