Image of Silvia Pinal on stage outrages her audience

The first actress caused concern after it was announced that she would not appear in the play due to a “low pressure”; her followers are upset about the way they took her out of the place.

Outraged. This is how the fans of the first actress, Silvia Pinal, have reacted. After a real brawl was formed outside the theater in which the play “Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother!”, of which she is a part, is on stage.

The discontent has gone viral on social media. Internet users claim the fact that at 90 years old he continues to work; as well as the fact that they expose the image of him in such a deteriorated way.

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The straw that broke the camel’s back was when they announced that Silvia would not appear at the work due to a “low pressure” and they abruptly took her out to take her to her car.

In a clip that circulates on the web, you can see Silvia Pinal’s nurses and assistant carrying the actress in a wheelchair, in the midst of cameras and microphones.

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“I can’t believe putting her in such an uncomfortable potion, even if she wanted to go to work at the theater, I wouldn’t leave her out of respect and if I love my mother”, “Here is what Vicente Fernández said, you have to walk away with pride and walk, to retire being a pity”, “Poor lady, she should be resting”, “Mrs. Silvia Pinal should already be resting, sitting down with all the attention she deserves, we want to remember her with dignity as the star she was”, and “Now that they let her rest in his little house at ease, he is no longer old, nor the need to make such an effort. She has already worked a lot since she was a girl” and “What a sin to put that lady to work at this point in her life. Shameful.”, Were some of the comments left by her admirers.