Imcruz raffles a 0 km among visitors to Expoauto

So that everyone is warned, prior to the inauguration
of the Auto Expo, Imcruz announced that it will raffle a 0 km between the

Executives from the automotive importer and from Fexpocruz presented the campaign Expoauto, mark your luck that will raffle a vehicle among the people who purchase a ticket for the specialized fair.

In addition to such novelty, Imcruz showed the ‘jewels’ of Suzuki, Mazda, Renault, Chevrolet, Changan and JAC which will exhibit at its stand until Sunday.

Gabriel Dávalos (Regional Manager of Imcruz) and Nelson
Cabrera (Suzuki brand manager)

Sofía Arredondo, Alejandra García and Eliana Vargas, brand managers

Brenda Arriaza (brand manager Changan) and Gabriela Peña

Monica Argandoña (Mazda brand manager) and Nicole Campos

Ariel del Granado (brand manager JAC) and Andrea Aguilera

Natalia Arano and Diego Roca (Renault brand manager)

Michelle Noriega, Silvia Antezana, Maria Ines Carrasco and
Veronica Schutt

Esteban Soruco (automotive manager) and Diego Aponte (marketing manager)

Sofia Arredondo, Andrea Aguilera, Gabriela Peña, Natalia Arano and Nicole Campos

Antonio Terrazas and Fernando Sandoval

Mauricio Gotelli (General Motors representative) and Katya