impersonator of the journalist astonished many

The person in charge of emulating the voice and the way of expressing herself of the Antioquia communicator is Gabriela Romero, an impersonator of the program ‘La Luciérnaga’ on Caracol Radio. And it is that taking into account how viral their appearances in Noticias Caracol have become, The young woman created the character and this Tuesday she surprised several of the listeners.

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Among the astonished was the journalist herself, who did not hide her admiration for the role played by the also journalist on the radio station.

“I just heard an imitator of mine in @LaLuciernaga is just the same. Awesome. I thought it was me, ”Zapata wrote on her Twitter account.

His publication did not take long to be commented on, so many of his followers asked him for the audio to be able to listen to Romero, who simulated a report on the strike of some workers at the Antioquia Liquor Factory (FLA).

“Some were stubborn with the subject and it was not a few, that was a cocao’ of people, the mere gallada. The manager came out to say relax, that everything is ‘very good’, don’t worry, there’s brandy and rum until Easter, how about that?” initially indicated the impersonator with the tone of voice of Erika Zapata.

Then he added: “I also tell you that it fell wonderfully among those who drink their drinks, since they were panicked because of the strike, rather, he was doing them that way…”.

Several Internet users approved the imitation and highlighted the talent of the young communicator, who also reported in Zapata’s trill to identify herself.

“It’s me, an honor to imitate you. I admire you a lot!” Romero wrote.

This was immediately answered by the journalist from Snail Newswho thanked him for bringing the character to life.

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“Awesome. I thought it was me. I love you, ”Zapata wrote, accompanying his text with several heart emojis.