In a scandalous lawsuit, evidence that blames Horacio Palencia disappears

the future of Horace Palencia in court it is uncertain, since the judicial process that he faces for a plagiarism claim is practically stopped due to lack of evidence against him. However, the composer was linked to the process on March 7, even without evidence that would make him guilty.

On that occasion, various test data were exposed, among which the report of an expert who supposedly analyzed the minilaptop, some cassettes and a typewritten sheet, owned by José Luis Calderón Águila, all this without physically presenting the evidence. that do not exist in the research folder.

THEY ARE VIOLATING YOUR RIGHTS On April 3, Horacio sent a letter to the judge, arguing that it was an injustice to link him to a trial without evidence to convict him. The artist had a certain time to carry out expert reports on his own account, with the intention of analyzing the alleged evidence, but it has been impossible for him to find any evidence. During this period, and until last Friday, the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office has sent three requests to the composer José Luis Calderón Águila to present the physical evidence, and he has not done so.

With this measure, Palencia’s rights are being violated, because the evidence with which he was accused does not exist, at least not in a legal reality. According to Calderón’s lawyers, this process began in 2016, when Horacio Palencia, Sergio Lizárraga – leader of Banda MS – and Universal Music executives were accused of plagiarizing the song My reason for being.

What Calderón Águila seeks is to manage the earnings and exposure of the song on all platforms, and remove it from the musical group’s repertoire. The royalties generated by this issue are several million pesos.