In a tribute to the new generation of the genre, they dedicate the National Zalsa Day to Luis Vázquez | shows

Luis Vazquez not only will he be the youngest artist to perform in the history of the National Zalsa Daythe 38th edition will also be dedicated to him, which will take place this Sunday, at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

“We are well committed to the new generation of salsa… This is the future that we have to support,” said Marcos Rodríguez, director of programming for Zeta 93 FM, better known as “El Cacique” to inform the dedication to Vázquez, 16 years.

“It’s a pleasure. I’m very happy to be surrounded by so many stars… For me it’s a pleasure, we’re going to give it our all… Let’s push it hard and learn from these great artists who are going to be on stage”, commented Vázquez.

The National Zalsa Day will also include the participation of the oldest salsero, Willie Rosario, 98 years old.

The Estrella Award would be given this year to Ismael Miranda, who asked the organization of the event to postpone it to 2023.

The activity returns in person to the Bithorn after a two-year break due to the covid-19 pandemic. In March 2020, 27,000 people attended and in this edition it is expected to exceed 20,000, according to what El Cacique advanced to questions from THE SPOKESPERSON.

The gates of the stadium will open at 7:30 am and the doors at 9:30 am The artistic day starts at 11:00 am “until it’s over”.

Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, Víctor Manuelle, Bobby Valentín, Luisito Carrión, La Sonora Ponceña, Andy Montañez, Apollo Sound, La Mulenze, Charlie Cruz, Michael Stuart, La Tribu de Abrante and Son Divas, among others, make up the artistic offer, which will take place between two platforms, an assembly that has not been used since 1992.

As a prelude to the event, a mass vaccination event is being convened tomorrow, commanded by VOCES. Those interested in receiving their first dose or booster dose can make an appointment at the Bithorn, as well as at the centers located in San Patricio Plaza and Plaza Las Américas. Among those who get vaccinated tomorrow, 500 tickets will be delivered for the National Zalsa Day.

In a press conference, it was also announced that this celebration of the National Day will mark the beginning of the internationalization of the event. In addition to Orlando, where it has been taking place for the past two years, the expectation is to replicate it in New York, Colombia, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

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