In a wedding dress, pregnant… she shares unpublished images of her very intense year in terms of private life

Ilona Smet unveiled on Instagram the highlights of her year 2022 on the arm of Kamran Ahmed, from her marriage to the birth of her first child… Take a look!

The year 2022 has been synonymous with happiness for Ilona Smet. The last twelve months have been emotionally charged for the young model. The daughter of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefébure celebrated two happy events: a wedding and a baby. Indeed, the 27-year-old star said “yes” for life to her longtime boyfriend, Kamran Ahmed. And a few months later, they once again sealed their love… with the birth of a child. A baby who showed up on July 2.

Ilona Smet celebrates “the most incredible year” of her life

And if the couple is discreet, Ilona Smet revealed the underside of her year 2022 in a retrospective video posted on her Instagram account. “The happiest and most amazing year of my life: thank you 2022”, she wrote in the caption. We see the images of her wedding with Kamran Ahmed which took place on April 16, during which she was already pregnant, then photos of her pregnancy. Ilona Smet filming herself in the mirror with her apparent baby bump. Then, the arrival of his little one, his first steps and their first Christmas all together for his greatest happiness.

A story that has lasted 10 years with Kamran Ahmed

Rare pictures. Eager to protect her child, Ilona Smet decided to reveal as little as possible. She invokes child pornography, one “reasons why I’m not going to expose my child’s face”.Unfortunately, it’s part of the world we live in and a negative aspect of social media.she lamented on social networks.

Who is the father of her child, whom she affectionately nicknames “Koala”? Kamran Ahmed, born in Switzerland, works in finance. His origins ? Swiss, Scottish and Pakistani, revealed the model to Paris Match. And the lovebirds have been in a relationship for 10 years! Ilona Smet was 17 when they met. NOTWe met in the south of France when I was still in high school, she had said. I was 17 and in high school. He was 18 and had just graduated.

And the distance was not a brake: Ilona Smet lived in Los Angeles and Kamran Ahmed, in Monaco. They will end up meeting halfway, in London, before returning both to Paris for a more stable life. Since then, the lovers have not left each other…